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5 Causes of Constipation and it's Natural Cure.

Updated on March 17, 2016

Constipation is nowadays all-pervading problem faced by man, woman and child. But, very few people know about its causes. It is important to know the causes of constipation to cure it. Without the knowledge of any disease, you can’t do the right treatment.

Constipation itself is not a disease, but it is the cause of many diseases. If it is not properly cured, it becomes a lifelong problem. Here are some causes and its cure. All are my personal views based on my experience of Ayurveda.

1. Eating foods that are difficult to digest: The main cause of constipation is weak digestion. When we eat foods that are difficult to digest, then it surely causes constipation. Eating heavy and cold food weakens the digestion fire.To avoid this problem do eat the food that you can easily digest.

2. Stress: Let’s think how stress affects digestion. Food is not properly digested, when a person is in stress. Because, when you are in stress, there will not be enough secretion of digestive acid from the liver. This is the case of interruption in nervous response. Keep your mind peaceful when eating food.

3. Stay awake till late night: This is a very bad habit of young generation to stay awake till late night. They are just gossip till late night and unknowingly deteriorating their health. There are some professionals who do their work till late night. Instead they should go to bed early at night and rise up early in the morning. Early in the morning brain works efficiently than night and it provides health benefits too.

4. Drinking water immediately after meal: Drinking water immediately after meal interrupts digestion. Because it dilutes secreted acids. It is better to drink little amount of water with meal.

5. Tobacco, Tea and Coffee: Addiction of tobacco causes constipation. Do eat small amount of tobacco if you can’t leave it completely. Over dose of tea and coffee also causes this problem. All these things cause constipation because it upsets gastric secretions and nervous response. Nervous response plays a vital role in constipation. Do not think anything while passing tools. Just concentrate on passing tools. While passing stool if we think of something else then nervous response gets upset. In the condition of tension our brain does not give proper signals to organs. This is the case with digestion too.


Cure for Constipation: Home remedies are very effective for constipation. Here are some home remedies: Do not use these remedies during pregnancy. During pregnancy consult a physician.

Tripahla powder: This is the best remedy of constipation. It is rejuvenating herb and also purifies blood. Take one teaspoonful of Triphala powder at bed time.

Amla (Indian gooseberry): Eating two to three amla during the day fix this problem. If fresh amla are not available then take one teaspoonful of amla powder two times a day. Amla is also a rejuvenating herb. It is alterative (purifies blood) and aphrodisiac.

Lemon: Drink lemon juice with water at night. It cures constipation. But those who have vayu related problem do not use lemon.

Panchaskar churn: This is traditional Ayurvedic preparation for constipation. It also supports digestion. Take one teaspoonful of Panchaskar churn at bed time.

Castor Oil: Another best remedy after triphala powder. Castor oil surely cures constipation. Take castor oil as per need at bed time.


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