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5 Celebrities Who Underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Updated on April 3, 2017

In society, celebrities are held in high regard and are often propped as role models in different life aspects. They are, as such, expected to live positively, be healthy and generally remain appealing to the members of such a society. But things do not always turn out as expected. The celebrities highlighted herein gained too much weight that they had to undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery to get rid of the fat buildup and remain fit in the eyes of the public.


5 Celebrity Who Underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery.

  1. Diego Maradona

Maradona dazzled the world of football in his playing years as he was witty, super-fast and exceptional athlete that made him a near deity of football. His post-playing days were however marred with drug abuse and excessive consumption of alcohol. By the year 2003, Maradona had gained so much weight that he weighed 250 lbs, a big burden considering that he was barely 5’4″ tall. The 1986 world cup winner had to finally undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2005 to help him shed some of the weight. He also had a second bypass surgery in 2015

2. Al Roker

Al Lincoln Roker is a world famous meteorologist and author working for NBC weather forecasting department. As TV personality, Roker’s appearance plays a great role in his career. In the early 2000s, however, Al gained so much weight that he had to undergo gastric bypass surgery to help him shed some weight. Ultimately, he lost over 100 lbs in the following year to regain his loved appearance. The downside though is Roker involuntarily soiled his underpants while attending a Whitehouse event.

3. Star Jones

Jones is lady of many hats; she is a lawyer, a television personality, a writer, a journalist a fashion designer and even a diversity advocate. This means her appearance is a great asset to her career. By 2003 though, Jones had gained so much weight she weighed around 300 pounds. This was not only bad for her career but also a threat to her health. She underwent a gastric bypass surgery and ultimately lost in excess of 106 lbs

4. Anne Rice.

Anne is a popular author best known for her series The Vampire Chronicles. Despite leading a modest lifestyle, Anne had to undergo gastric bypass surgery to keep her surging weight in check. After the 2003 surgery, Anne lost a massive 101.13 lbs to reach an encouraging 152.12 lbs

5. Chris Christie.

The sitting Governor of New Jersey state weighed well over 400 pounds before he went for a gastric bypass surgery in 2013 to control his staggering pounds. Christie was once quoted saying the procedure was the best gift he ‘gifted’ himself.

Bottom Line.

Weight gain is a great challenge with World’s Health Organization estimating that up to a third of the world population are struggling with weight gain. It’s not surprising that celebrities have not been an exception. Fortunately, the five above took steps to regain their better self through a gastric bypass surgery and hopeful they are healthier.


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