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How Anyone Can Schedule Exercise Into Their Life

Updated on September 6, 2011
An example of my actual calendar with my exercise plan for the month.
An example of my actual calendar with my exercise plan for the month.

Believe it or not, anyone can schedule exercise into their life, the question is, how? I have heard so many excuses, that it has actually become quite funny. When I challenge a friend that tells me she doesn't have the time to exercise, I know she made the time to watch that silly reality show last night and was able to fit a cut and color in last weekend, so she actually does have the time.

Let's face it, exercise isn't easy, it takes effort, requires commitment and consistency, but if it's important enough to you, like that reality show, there is a way to schedule exercise into your life. I can tell you this for sure, if you have made the commitment to exercise, the rest is easy. Here are some tips and tricks to help anyone schedule exercise into their life.

A proven way of how anyone can schedule exercise into their life is to literally "schedule" it. Pull out your calendar, as I did above, and just like marking a doctor's appointment or a haircut, write down your specific exercise for that particular day. Why does this work? It works because writing down our intentions helps us better commit. My advice is to use a thick, black magic marker so you can't erase or change your intention. Put the calendar up on the wall so that you can be reminded of your schedule each time you walk by.

No one knows your schedule like you do, so plan accordingly. For me, mornings are the best time to exercise. I find that if I plan it on my calendar for later in the day, I am less motivated. But if I plan exercise first thing in the morning, I have tons of the energy for the rest of the day. But do what works for you, if Mondays is an extremely busy day for you, have that be a day off. If nights are booked in your house, plan your exercise in the morning. You can even write down the time that you are putting aside for yourself to workout, for example, 7am-8am. Remember, some form of exercise is better than nothing, so even if it is only a 20 minute jog, do it, and when you have some extra time on another day, put in the extra effort when you can.

Another trick to successfully scheduling exercise into your life is to set your alarm clock a half hour earlier than you normally do. I know that sounds horrid, but just like anything else, once it becomes a routine and you are reaping the benefits, you won't remember a time that you didn't put time aside for yourself. For some people, that is the only way to fit exercise into their life on a daily basis and it is well worth the effort.

I also realized that in order to ensure that I will exercise, I put my sneakers and workout clothes next to my bed at night. It is very interesting how taking the time at night to pull out a pair of socks and a tank with running pants ensures I will get up and workout in the morning. I have learned that once you are in wardrobe, there is no turning back, you are almost guaranteed to exercise. I have shared this concept with some friends and they have given me some very positive feedback on how doing something so simple makes life so much easier.

If you are really serious about scheduling exercise into your life, I can't even begin to tell you how much better you are going to feel about yourself. Not just from the exercise itself, which is amazing, but for writing down your intention and following through on your commitment. You will find yourself having such a better day than if you hadn't put that time aside for yourself. The most beautiful thing about literally scheduling your exercise on your calendar is that it becomes a habit that aids in your healthy lifestyle commitment. You will also notice your self-esteem and self-worth will gradually increase each day which will also help in other aspects of your life.

Think of it this way, if you are reading this hub, you are already interested in making the commitment to exercising every week, every month and for the rest of your life. Plan out your whole month of exercise or do it at the start of each week, whatever works best for you. I hope that I helped you see the light of how anyone can schedule exercise into their life.

My exercise tools that I use on a daily basis.
My exercise tools that I use on a daily basis.


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    • skinnyhealthygirl profile image

      Cristina Pierce 6 years ago from NYC

      Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it's just like anything else we do, schedule it and there is a better chance of it happening:)

    • profile image

      Post-Menopause 6 years ago

      My daughter doesn't have the time..and I agree it is all about how you schedule your time..Thanks for the insights.

    • thooghun profile image

      James D. Preston 6 years ago from Rome, Italy

      I hear the, "Simply don't have the time" line way too much -- and you're absolutely right. What's worse is when I get, "If only I had the amount of time you do". LOL! I can barely squeeze in a coffee, but I firmly believe anyone can afford to spend 30mins jogging now and then. Nice hub!