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5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Updated on March 13, 2014

Losing weight can be quite a nightmare, especially when you step on the weighing scale and no matter what you do your weight keeps increasing or doesn't budge. Discouraging results may tempt you towards over-the-counter weight loss pills, but you will do well to resist the temptation. Why? Because they cause more harm than good in the long run.

The truth is that there are no safe and effective ways to lose weight really fast. Many weight loss programs that claim they can help you lose weight fast with little effort aren't really interested in helping you lose some pounds in a safe and effective manner. Some of these weight loss programs can help you lose weight fast. However, they often cause chemical imbalances in your body and eventually make it harder for you to lose weight in the near future. The best way to lose weight is to go the natural route. If done correctly, this method will help you lose weight while at the same time increase your health and longevity.

When you adopt natural ways of losing weight, you can be rest assured that there will be no serious side effects, which weight loss pills are known to have. Using natural ways to help you lose weight may take longer to see their effects, but the results are more stable and sometime even permanent.

Let us look at some healthy and effective ways to lose weight:

Natural Ways to Lose Weight #1: Replace Refined Sugar with Natural Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the most effective substances for weight gain. Refined sugar is different from natural sugar found in fruits because it is stripped of other nutrients during the processing stage. The nutrients that are found in natural sugar are needed to assist the body to metabolize the sugar in a safe way. Without these nutrients, sugar is metabolized differently, causing the formation of toxic metabolites that can destroy cells and even make some of them cancerous.

Refined sugar is a simple carbohydrate. When your body metabolizes it into glucose, it causes spikes in your blood sugar levels. Your body is an amazing biological machine that doesn't like to waste energy. As a result, it will store the excessive glucose as fat to balance the blood sugar in your body. This is why you gain weight when you eat too much simple carbohydrates (e.g, refined sugar and junk food).

Natural Ways to Lose Weight #2: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Sugars that are created in labs are known as artificial sweeteners because they aren't naturally found in nature. They are often toxic to your body and have been linked to obesity. The most popular artificial sweeteners are aspartame and sucralose. Aspartame is a synthetic substance made up of methanol (wood alcohol), aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Studies have linked it to obesity, diabetes, migraines, seizures, blindness neurological disorders and brain tumors. For ways to avoid aspartame, visit this page.

Like aspartame, sucralose is a synthetic sugar that is many times sweeter than regular sugar. Sucralose was actually discovered by a team of scientists who were trying to create a new insecticide. Instead of inventing a new insecticide, they ended up creating a substance that was sweet like sugar but had insecticide-like properties. Sucralose is often sold under the brand name Splenda. It has been linked to obesity and neurological disorders. Another artificial sweetener you should avoid is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This genetically modified corn syrup is also linked to obesity.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight #3: Eat More Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are important for helping you lose weight fast because they prevent your blood from becoming too acidic. When your blood is acidic, it creates an environment for harmful microorganisms and cancer cells to thrive in. Acidic blood also reduces cell performance and therefore it lowers your metabolism, which in turn causes weight gain. To prevent your blood from becoming acidic, avoid eating junk food and stop drinking carbonated beverages. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. For best results, choose the organic versions.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight #4: Hypnotherapy

Several clinical research studies have revealed that hypnosis is one of the most natural and effective ways to lose weight loss fast. Hypnotherapy is a healing technique used by hypnotists to alter the state of mind of a person. For this reason, it can help you deal with emotional problems and release compulsive behaviors that are stored in your subconscious. Your subconscious is more powerful than your conscious and it plays a major role in developing your behaviors. This is why advertising agencies are obsessed with subliminal messages. If done correctly, hypnosis can "reprogram" your mind to stop craving for junk food, which will help you lose weight. It can also be used to help you let go of compulsive behaviors, making it easier for you to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight #5: Yoga

One of the most effective ways to lose weight fast and naturally is by practicing yoga. There are several yoga poses that not only assist with proper bowel movement, digestion and metabolism, but they also help tone your body and are great for burning calories. Yoga is also great for stimulating the energy of the mind and body back to a more equilibrium state. This is great for reducing stress and preventing compulsive behaviors, which can help you deal with weight issues. To enjoy long term weight loss, you need to practice yoga regularly. Some of the effective yoga poses include twisted chair pose, locust pose, bow pose, eagle pose, crescent lunge pose, bridge pose and shoulder stand among others.



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