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5 Fun ways to workout

Updated on October 10, 2013

Let’s face it workouts can get a bit boring after the first or second week; after that you pretty much have to drag yourself to come to the workout session or even to simply press play on the next workout DVD. An enjoyable workout makes you wanting to come back for more and more, while making progress in your fitness goals. Here are five workouts that will have you coming back for more while seeing results at the same time.

Belly dancing

Belly dancing utilizes muscles groups in the neck spine, abs (of course) trunk and pelvis; it tones the muscles groups that are attached to the ligaments and vibrate maintaining and improving flexibility. The movements (hip drop, figure eights, and shimmies) puts the lower back and hips through a full range of gentle repetitive motion helping to prevent lower back pain. By toning these muscles groups you’ll also be improving your posture.

Benefits of Belly dancing

  • · Prevent lower back problems
  • · Improve flexibility
  • · Improve posture
  • · Raise metabolism
  • · Tone legs, thighs, calves, gluteal, abdominal, upper arms, back
  • · Reduce cellulite
  • · Helps with pregnancy
  • · Helps with arthritis in the wrist and shoulders

Pole dancing

Pole dancing uses each muscle and muscles group in your body and will build lean muscle proportionally so you bear your weight on the pole for longer period of time, so it does improve balance. It may seem hard, but, there are several different moves and tricks for people of all fitness levels heights or body types. You’ll build toned muscles in a short period of time; great for targeting those problem areas. Pole dancing is a big confident booster where you can get sexy while you work out. Overall pole dancing is an exciting workout; one that would allow you to lose track of time as you in get into shape. Not to mention it’s better than being a smelly gym.

Benefits of pole dancing

  • · Build core strength
  • · Weight loss
  • · Improves upper body strength
  • · Improves balance
  • · Improves flexibility
  • · Sexy workout
  • · Confident booster

Chair dancing

Chair dancing is a unique fitness program that can tone muscles, muscles; improve flexibility and cardiovascular endurance all while sitting in a chair. This exercise is low impact so it fits all fitness levels as well even if you have limited mobility.

Benefit of chair dancing

  • · For all fitness level even if you have limited mobility
  • · Tone muscles
  • · Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • · Low impact
  • Improves posture

Salsa dancing

Salsa provides a heart healthy benefit of an aerobic exercise. Just like any type of dancing you should expect to build stamina, lower cholesterol levels. Salsa dancing allows you to burn calories by having fun. This spicy dancing will have you working up a sweat and feeling alive; it’s a great way to meet people (maybe the right one) not to mention build confidence.

Benefits of salsa

  • · Build stamina
  • · Lower cholesterol levels
  • · Build confidence
  • · Adds excitement to your life
  • · Increase muscle tone and coordination

Salsa dancing burns more calories than most dancing

This includes:

  • · Square dancing
  • · Ballet
  • · Ballroom dancing
  • · Swing dancing

Zumba fitness

Zumba has made an impact in the fitness world. Zumba maybe a workout, but it’s more a dance class. The move that is incorporated in Zumba is belly dancing, salsa dancing, and Brazil samba. The moves are easy to learn and if you have preexisting injuries or bad knees and/or ankles you can always opt out for the modified moves.

Benefits of Zumba

  • · For all ages
  • · Weight loss
  • · Toned body
  • · Huge calorie burn
  • · Classes normally last an hour

With this five workout programs that provide great fitness benefits while at the same time having a great time, there should be no reason why you couldn’t get in shape. These workout programs are more like a party than a punishing workout.


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