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5 Guidelines Women Need for Refusing a Ride from a Stranger

Updated on August 21, 2019
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Fitness isn't my only passion. Crime dramas and crime documentaries are too. I'm probably a CSI in a parallel universe.

It’s a phenomenon that just keeps on going: women and teen girls accepting offers of a ride from a man they’ve never seen before. Are these women fearless or is it that they don’t know how to say “No”?

Have you ever been offered a ride by a stranger – as you’re walking along the sidewalk – and found it difficult to decline because “he was such a nice-looking guy”?

So many women and teen girls have been raped and murdered, or raped and let go or escaped, by the very men whose offer of a ride they accepted!

This Isn’t About Hitchhiking

When a female hitchhikes, she’s already made up her mind she wants a ride. This is risky behavior, but not nearly as potentially dangerous as the following:

  • She’s on a route that she normally walks without any problem; destination within reasonable walking distance.
  • She’s not sick or otherwise incapacitated.
  • The weather is pleasant, or she’s appropriately dressed if it’s cold.
  • Her intent all along is to walk, not pick up a ride.
  • But somehow, someway, her mind magically changes when a stranger comes along and offers a ride!

Those who’ve survived a rape universally report that they felt safe getting into the vehicle because “He seemed so nice,” or, “He was cute.”

5+ Ways a Woman Can Make It Easy to Refuse a Ride from a Stranger

#1 Before setting off for your destination, remind yourself that your legs aren’t going to suddenly go limp if a man offers you a ride.

#2 Ahead of time, ask yourself why the recipients of ride offers are almost always pretty young women or teen girls. Though rape is a crime of punishment rather than sexual attraction, it’s still a fact that the typical victim is good-looking. This peculiar phenomenon cannot be ignored.

#3 Few, if any, victims are morbidly obese or even generally obese. This isn’t an issue of physical attractiveness. It’s an issue of predators wanting to make their job as easy as possible. The irony is that the very women who are offered rides are in much better condition to walk than is someone with morbid obesity. Yet the victims who survive assaults are rarely, if ever, morbidly obese!

The predator who intends on killing his victim knows he’ll need to drag a dead body around and hide it somewhere, possibly bury it. This is why the victims are almost always under 150 pounds.

#4 Review ahead of time the idea of entering a metal box with a total stranger – and that metal cage will be moving too fast for you to just exit at will. Remind yourself that the clean-cut “nice” man may:

  • Be impaired from alcohol, drugs or even narcotic painkillers
  • May have really foul breath that you’ll gag on the entire duration of the ride
  • Um, may also be a serial killer

#5 Tell yourself that the charm and nice voice might be a ruse to sucker you into the vehicle. After all, what predator is going to entice a pedestrian into his car with an angry voice and snarling face? Of COURSE he’s going to sound kind and caring! Duh!

Also remind yourself that no woman ever said on her 75th birthday, “Gee, I’ve always regretted refusing a ride from that nice-looking man who offered it 50 years ago.”

Ever See a Man Offer a Ride to a Stranger?

  • If so, was the pedestrian ever physically handicapped?
  • Was the pedestrian ever a man?
  • Was the pedestrian ever a middle-age, frumpy-looking woman?
  • If you answered “No,” there’s a good reason for this.

How to Respond if a Man Offers You a Ride

You’ll be much more psychologically prepared to refuse the ride if you review the aforementioned five guidelines ahead of time.

An Alpha woman who’s offered a ride might respond, “HEY, do I LOOK like I can’t walk?”

Or, she might respond, “Are you SERIOUS? You’re asking ME if I want a ride, when I’m sure if you cruise around you’ll find plenty of elderly people who need rides more than me, but I bet you’d never offer THEM a ride!”

If he’s a predator, he’ll quickly speed away in search of an “easier” victim. If he’s innocent, he’ll probably apologize and casually drive away. But odds are that he’s a predator. It’s just NOT NORMAL for a man to go around looking for young women to give rides to!

A more recommended response would be an assertive: “I’m perfectly fine walking.”

If you tack on a “thank you,” this will send him the idea that – on some level – you’re submitting to him. You do NOT have to thank a stranger who asks if you want a ride!

And keep on walking; do not engage in conversation. Do not hesitate to bolt if he exits the car (hopefully you won’t be in high heels).

Oh, one more way to make it really easy to refuse a ride from a stranger: Pretend there’s a 20-foot boa constrictor in the vehicle.


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