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5 Health & Beauty Tips Using Salt

Updated on August 25, 2012

With salt being one of the best all round items to use it's no surprise that it can be used for natural health and beauty routines. In this article I will give you some quick tips on how to incorporate salt into your daily routines. Salt is a great alternative because it is obviously a natural substance meaning it's good for your health and also it is cheap compared to most mainstream used health and beauty products that can be damaging to your health.

#1 - Skin Exfoliation

For this first tip I will be talking about how to use salt for skin ex foliation. One of the keys to having healthy skin is taking regular proper care of it, and the first step is to prepare the skin with exfoliating. This mixture is a great alternative to anyone who wants a full natural ingredient based product to use on their skin. Mix equal parts of sea salt and olive oil together and mix into a paste like texture. Gently massage mixture into your skin and leave it to do its work for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off the mixture with warm water and feel how clean and smooth your skin is!

#2 - Feet

For this second tip I will be talking about how to use salt for feet health and relaxation. After your long hard day at work you just want to come home and put your feet up right? rest is of course essential to recovery but using this method you can speed up recovery and relax at the same time, now who would turn that down? Soak your feet in warm water and add a handful of sea salt to the water. The salt will eliminate any odour that your feet may have, clean your skin with the minerals that the salt is made from and leave your feet feeling smooth!

#3 - Bathing

For this third tip I will be talking about how to use salt for bathing. A nice hot bath is one of our favourite ways to relax and unwind and get away from life's daily stress. We usually add some cleaning products to the bath to moisturise the skin and make the experience more enjoyable. I will give you a soothing bath salt recipe that you can use for your next bath.

Mix all of the following ingredients on a large bowl. Use 2-3 handfuls of this mixture per bath depending on the size and your preference to how strong you want the water. You can store the left over mixture in an airtight container or bag.

1/2cup baking soda, 1/2 cup dry milk, 1 cup epsom salts, 1 cup sea salt.

#4 - Eyes

For this fourth tip I will be talking about how to use salt for cleaning sore eyes. This one may leave you thinking wait, salt near the eyes, isn't that going to lead to even sorer eyes? well not necessarily. If you have sore eyes using products designed for treating sore are can be both irritating and expensive. Try this mixture next time you need to treat sore eyes it's natural and much cheaper. Rinse the sore eye with a solution made from a small pinch of salt dissolved in some warm water. The salt will give just enough punch to kill any bacteria in or around the eye and draw moisture away from the eye taking that stinging feeling away.

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#5 - Hair/Dandruff

For this fifth and final tip I will be talking about how to use salt for treating dandruff. Dandruff can be irritating, painful and down right embarrassing. There are more dandruff products that you can count out there but they can be expensive and are ridden with harmful and strong chemicals. Try using this method with salt for a natural alternative. Rub some ordinary table salt to rub on your scalp, the abrasiveness with scrub out the excess dandruff that may still be present. The salt will also draw moisture out of your scalp meaning that it will unveil any extra dandruff that may have been present using a conventional product. Next you can shampoo your hair and rinse it all out with warm water. Try this a few times and your dandruff should improve!


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    • Adamowen profile image

      Adamowen 5 years ago from England

      @His Princesz This tip helped me with a spell on dandruff I had a while ago. There are also plenty organic and home made recipes over the internet that work a treat too!

    • His princesz profile image

      His princesz 5 years ago

      Wow great! I was actually looking for organic shampoos for dandruff, synthetic ones are actually damaging to hair. Excellent! ;)

    • Adamowen profile image

      Adamowen 5 years ago from England

      @amanthkr01 thank you for taking the time to comment! Many more hubs like this are coming in the near future.

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 5 years ago from India

      This is really a very good collection of beauty purpose uses of salt. I must say these tips are cost effective with promising results. One should definitely try these. Voting up and useful!!!!!!!!!!!!!111