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5 Health Disorders that are Occasioned by Nutritional Deficiencies.

Updated on May 9, 2017

In order for a human being to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, they need to consume the right food components. This means they need to constantly consume foods rich in iron, vitamins, potassium to name a few.

That said though, populations across the world continue to lack some of these components. This leads to a flurry of health complications. In this guide, we touch on 5 common illnesses that are occasioned by nutritional disorders.

A dog affected by rickets.
A dog affected by rickets. | Source

5 Health Disorders that are Occasioned by Nutritional Deficiencies.

1. Rickets

Is a medical condition in which the bones of the affected are calcified due to deficiency of Vitamin D mineral. If often affects children and is rampant in developing countries where parents aren't aware of the need to furnish their children with Vitamin D and other components.

Rickets are of various types;

Types 1 and 2 caused by Vitamin D deficiency, Hypophosphatemia, Autosomal recessive rickets to single out a few.

Sources of Vitamin D include cheese, beef liver, Vitamin D fortified foods and such other components.

2. Scurvy

Occasioned by deficiency in Vitamin C. patients suffering from the condition may end up developing debility, anemia, and even edema.

3. Goiter

Goiter loosely points to the swelling of the neck region due to low intake of dietary iodine. Can also be caused by excess production of thyroid hormone.

4. Osteoporosis

This is one of the conditions that affects the bones. Affected individuals have low bone mass count and this exposes them to risks such as bone fractures, deformations and such.

5. Xerophthalmia

This condition mostly affects the eye. It's occurs when body lacks enough quantities of Vitamin A. Basically, the tear ducts of affected individuals dry out and leaves the cornea without the necessary lubrication. Long term effects of the condition include presence of white spots on the eye and gradually a victim experiences night blindness.

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Here are Symptoms of Goiter.

1. Rickets
Chronic Deficiency of Vitamin D and C
2. Xerophthalmia
Vitamin A
3. Osteoporosis
Vitamin D
4. Scurvy
Vitamin C
5. Goitre
Dietary Iodine

How to Prevent and Correct the Deficiencies.

Correcting these deficiencies requires an affected individual to visit a medical practitioner for analysis and advice on corrective measures.

Some of the preventive measures may include intake of supplements to furnish the body with all required components.


Your health is your most important asset. That's why you should safeguard it closely. This involves eating the right meals, taking water and supplements and exercising out on regular basis.


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