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5 Lesser Known Carbs that Boost Your Health Drastically

Updated on March 17, 2015

Carbohydrates have suffered from a lot of negative publicity during the last two-three decades in the context of weight loss.

Millions of men and women have been systematically forced to let go of the perennial bread eating habits, along with certain fruits & vegetables due to the fear of gaining those excess pounds and feeling bloated.

However, it has been recently noted that much of this fear remains unfounded. Adding some ‘good’ carbs to your diet, such as wholegrains and leafy vegetables, can actually not only help you lose weight in a healthy manner, but also maintain your diet plan on track.

Carbs Can be Good Too

Firstly, it is to be made clear that dairy, fruit and vegetables are sources of carbs. In terms of adding starches to one’s diet, there are certain good carbs along with the usual “bad” ones, which if consumed rather indiscreetly, can cause you to develop serious health ailments like heart diseases.

Also, one of the good things about carbohydrates is that they can be easily added to each and every mean without trying too hard!

Carbohydrates Foods
Carbohydrates Foods

Improve Your Health using Good Carbs

Opting for good carbs sources can help you gain better control over your blood sugar while helping with your weight loss goals In addition, eating a diet that contains healthier types of carbs can lower the chances of contracting diabetes, cancer, or coronary artery disease.Also almonds cholesterol lowering effects are fruitful in good carbs diet.

It is critically important to go for food choices that have a lower glycemic index, rather than those with a high glycemic index that trigger a drastic spike in blood sugar levels.

Fortified wheat pasta
Fortified wheat pasta

Fortified Wheat Pasta

Let’s face it; most of us simply cannot resist a plate of pasta, for one reason or the other. The good news is that we don’t really need to sacrifice it after all.

Whole-wheat pasta contains about 2-3 times more fibre content as opposed to refined white pastas. Better still, they taste nearly as delectable as the less healthy ones. By the same token, brown rice and whole wheat bread are healthier options as compared to their ‘whiter’ counterparts.


Barley is one of the healthier carbs out there that can offer seriously good health benefits to us. It is available as ‘pearlead’ wherein the bran has been gotten rid of, and also as ‘parboiled.’ Although both forms are replete with soluble fibre which maintains healthy keep blood cholesterol levels, pearl barley contains a bit more of that.


Delicious and healthy in equal measure, quinoa is one of those healthy carbs that you’ll not regret gorging on. A nicely flavoured grain that satiates many taste buds, it contains provides about two grams of fibre per half cup and as much as four grams of protein. As per a recent study, quinoa is believed to make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

To get rid of any traces of saponin (natural coating), you may want to rinse it first.



It is another healthy carb option for the health conscious mortals amongst us. Bulgur is nothing more than parboiled wheat, which is why all you need to do is to get it soaked in hot water for a mid-day snack or dinner option. Bulgur also happens to be a pretty good source of hunger-satiating fibre since only a half cup contains five grams of it.


Popcorn, believe it or not, is actually a whole grain. It makes for an ideal snack just when you’re being supernaturally led to binge on potato chips or burgers and are likely to dismiss any ‘healthier’ option. As little as three cups of popcorn (popped) actually meets one of the three recommended everyday whole grain servings. In addition, it also contains three grams of fibre.



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