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5 Life-Changing Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Updated on October 26, 2016

1. Prevent Bone Damage

One of the primary reasons to replace missing teeth is to protect your mouth from inevitable bone damage. This deterioration can even lead to the loss of sections of your jawbone. Implants can aid in stimulating bone growth to prevent this damage.

2. Implants Could Last a Lifetime

Dental implants are an excellent option when it comes to filling in those empty spaces. When compared to dentures, tooth replacements and implants are more expensive, but they are also longer lasting. They are also the easiest to live with, and they feel like the rest of your natural teeth.


3. Avoid the Danger of Tooth Shifting

When you let gaps be, you run the danger of tooth shifting. This occurs because the remaining teeth try to move into the open gap. This can create a domino effect of sorts, resulting in a smile full of crooked teeth.

Some people consider missing teeth to be a fashion statement. What do you think?

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4. Prevent Gum Diseases

The adverse effects of gaps are not only cosmetic, but they can also lead to gum disease. The condition occurs when we fail to brush and floss our teeth. When your teeth are out of alignment, there is a chance that you could miss some hidden areas and this lack of cleaning could lead to gum disease.

5. The Next Best Thing to Having Your Real Teeth

Consequences aside, one of the best reasons to get a tooth replacement is to rebuild that beautiful smile that you are so proud of. Most of these implants look so real that most people would never recognize that they are not natural teeth, and they are strong and stable so there is no fear of breaking them.

For a more detailed look at the procedure, check out this video!

So what do we think?

Is it a good idea to let gaps remain, or are dental implants the way to go?

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