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4 Powerful Ways to Shift your Mindset to Wake Up Early

Updated on February 3, 2015

If you really think about it, hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock doesn’t even make sense. It’s like saying, ‘I hate getting up in the morning—so I do it over, and over, and over again…

— Demetrius Martin, Stand-up Comedian

From Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey, if you ask every single successful person what their key to success is, they will all agree on one thing: they wake up early.

Research has consistently shown that waking up early has profound benefits. According to research, early risers tend to be:

  • More successful
  • Happier
  • In better shape
  • More productive
  • More optimistic and satisfied

Overall, sleeping tends to improve our lives. However, for most of us, waking up is a chore. We hit the snooze button as much as can until we absolutely need to get out of bed.

The problem is that when we keep hitting the snooze button, we are telling our subconscious mind that it is ok to sleep in and that we do not have the discipline to even get out of bed in the morning. And if can't even get out of bed earlier, how can we expect to tackle all of life's challenges and achieve success, whether it be in the areas of health, wealth, spirituality and relationships. Every small decision we make today shapes the type of person we will be tomorrow.

This article provides 4 mind strategies to help you wake up earlier. This article is not about giving you physical tricks such as moving your alarm clock away from your bed or setting your workout clothes the night before. While those strategies may make it easier to get out of bed in the short term, they are not solving the real solution of making early rising a life-long habit.

Here are some useful and creative strategies to make waking up early second nature.

#1: It All Starts with the Night Before

Typically, your first thought in the morning is of the last thought you had before you fell asleep. For example, if you fall asleep dreading the next morning's 6 am spin class workout, you will wake up the following morning feeling groggy and grumpy and possibly hitting the snooze button. On the other hand, if you fall asleep anticipating waking up early to leave for a vacation you've been very excited about, then as soon as the alarm clock goes off, you open your eyes and jump out of bed with enthusiasm for the day.

By changing the way you think about getting up, you can “trick” your mind into a positive morning. Just compare the two thoughts below. Which do you think will lead to a happy early morning:

  • Ugh, I have to wake up in five hours. I'm screwed.
  • Thank you for giving me these five hours of sleep tonight

Making the choice every single night before you go to bed to create a positive expectation for when you wake up will have a profound impact on how you feel in the morning.

#2 Create a Morning Routine

In order to wake up early, you will want to have something to look forward to in the morning. Motivation is necessary to achieve any goal.

Creating a morning routine provides you with the motivation or 'your why' for getting up in the morning. Whether it includes meditation or working out, morning routines are your framework for success. The goal is to first, get a healthy routine that puts you in optimal shape for the rest of the day, and then, have this routine become a habit.

Morning routines will get you excited and make you will want to wake up in the morning versus being forced to. I suggest physically writing down your morning routine somewhere visible, such as a notebook, your phone, a whiteboard. This not only serves as a reminder of 'your why', but also eliminates any 'choices' you need to make in the morning, thus providing more focus on your routine. Some ideas to include in your morning routine are:

Affirmations / Visualization
Making breakfast
Going on a walk
Journaling / Writing
Working out
Spending time with family

#3 Become a Pro

What separates the professionals from the amateurs? The men (or women) from the boys (or girls)? It is the drive and discipline to press on no matter what. Professionals are champions. They are successful and surpass mediocrity. Amateurs are a dime a dozen and float on with the rest.

While this article is related to waking up early, this strategy should be used in all aspects of your life. You must shift your mindset to think of yourself as a pro, as a champion. Next time the alarm gets off at 6 am, think to yourself, would a pro hit the snooze button or would he wake up, forge on and get ready to dominate the day. To bring a shift in mindset to life, I suggest saying some positive affirmations outloud when your alarm clock rings. You can think of your own but here are some to get the ideas rolling:

  • I have limitless drive and energy because I wake up early every day
  • Sleeping in is not an option
  • I am better because I wake up early
  • While other people are sleeping, I am bettering myself

#4 Expect Resistance

Have you ever had a time where you opted to sleep in rather than wake up early, despite making it your goal to wake up early? My guess is you have...especially since you are reading this article. How did that make you feel about yourself? In situations like this, we tend to blame ourselves and think that there is something wrong with us, or that we just can't do it. But this shouldn't be the case

Instead of blaming ourselves, we need to separate ourselves from the force of resistance. Every morning, there is a voice of resistance telling you to sleep in. You should expect this negative force and fight to defeat it every single day. The struggle between waking up and sleeping in shouldn't be between you vs. you, it should be against you vs. resistance, and it is up to you to defeat this force.

How early do you wake up before you 'need' to?

See results


Waking up early and setting a morning routine is one of the most powerful changes you can make to improve your life in all arenas - health, wealth, relationships, physical, spirtual, etc.

  • Create a positive expectation the night before
  • Create a morning routine in line with your goals to keep you motivated
  • Think like a pro
  • Expect the force of resistance...and defeat it

Use these tools to create a powerful and lasting habit of waking up early so you can dominate life.


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