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5 Most Effective Weight Loss Exercises.

Updated on November 7, 2014

1. Jumping Jacks.

Jumping Jacks is a great exercise to loose weight. You should start with stretching your muscles to prevent injury, then perform jumping jacks for 40 seconds or more depending on your stamina. Jumping Jacks is a full body workout and it can be done by anyone unless they have some medical issues. You should start seeing results within the first month, but of course, Jumping Jacks alone will not help you loose much weight, so note down all the exercises in this article, and start working out and eventually, you will loose weight.


2. Mountain Climbers.

Mountain Climbers is a very effective lower-body workout. If you have heavy hips and huge legs, then this workout is for you. Mountain Climbers doesn't only work on legs and hips, but also help you loose weight in your lower-abs and if you are trying to get sexy looking six-packs, then you should also try this exercise. You should perform Mountain Climbers for 40 or more seconds depending on your stamina, and do it with a rhythm for maximum results. Do not skip this exercise as it is very effective in weight loss.


3. Burpees.

Burpees are something people really hate, they are tough to do and really bring the best out of you. But think about it, if its hard to do, it must have amazing results as well. Burpees are full body workout and if you include Burpees in your exercise routine, they you certainly will loose lots of weight. You should do Burpees for 40 or more seconds depending on your stamina. You might not even be able to do them for 40 seconds, but don't worry, your stamina will increase after a few days.


4. Squats.

Squats are one of the most familiar type of workout, yet nobody really does it regularly. The fact is, Squats can be extremely effective in weight loss. You should do Squats for 40 seconds or more depending on your stamina. Squats will work on your hips and lower abs and make you loose belly fat as well as boost your metabolism system. Squats are equally effective for men and women, so don't hesitate to do Squats even if you are a man.


High Knees.

High Knees are very effective especially if you are trying to loose your belly fat and work on your legs and hips. High Knees are pretty hard to do if you're not in shape, but you will get regular after a few days. High Knees should also be done for 40 or more seconds depending on your stamina, and you should try to bring your knees as high as possible, because that's the whole point of this exercise. Also, be sure to stretch your muscles and warm up before doing it because you don't want to cramp your muscles while doing High Knees.

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