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5 Most Beneficial Yoga Poses

Updated on January 9, 2017

Downward dog

Whether you are in your youth and you are looking for something challenging or you are matured and looking for something moderate; yoga has got it covered.

Here are some of my most favourite poses with their added benefits…

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Shvanasana)

I love this pose as it is a good way to warm up or cool down. Although this pose requires lots of strength it works your entire body and the effects are felt all the way from top to bottom.

Benefits: De-bloat, relief from allergies and nasal congestion, builds strong upper bones, improves poor posture and balance, and strengthens smaller muscles in the foot and ankles.

Straight-arm Plank pose (Kumbhakasana)

This pose will work your core to a maximum. It is perfect for toning the stomach and the rest of your body. It works by expanding the shoulder and upper chest muscles.

Benefits: Raise energy levels, supports a healthy back, and strengthens the wrist, arms, spine and abdomen.

Triangle pose (Trikonasana)

One of the many reasons why I like this pose is that it stretches the side waist and loosens the hips. It also helps to strengthen different muscles in the legs and pelvic area offering you more balance.

Benefits: opens the gluts and hip flexor, lessens overall hip pain, strengthens core and back muscles.

Side plank pose (Vasisthasana)

This pose can be challenging when attempting it for the first time, but it really is worth the struggle. It works your core to a huge extent while at the same time strengthening the arms and wrists as well as the legs.

Benefits: improves balance and concentration.

Camel pose (Ustrasana)

This pose releases so much tension and increases flexibility in the spine. It is also said to release mental and emotional stress as well as bringing deep rooted emotions to the forefront.

Benefits: Loosens up the vertebrae, improves digestion, relieves lower back pain, improves respiration, lowers blood pressure and reduces thigh fat.

With all the above said I must include that if you are a beginner at yoga you may need to adjust the above poses in order to fit your level of intensity. For example, instead of doing a straight-arm plank pose you could do a forearm plank, and instead of doing the camel pose with your heels up you can let it lay flat, and so forth.

Straight-arm plank

Triangle pose

Side plank

Camel pose

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    • SMckie profile image

      SMckie 14 months ago from South Africa

      Wow! Thank you for sharing. That was so insightful to read. I might just start doing the crunning too!

      Indeed, yoga has tremendous benefits and ever since I started practicing it I have never looked upon another form of exercise.

    • Chuck Bluestein profile image

      Chuck Bluestein 14 months ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      I started doing yoga at age 12. The downward dog is a chance to stretch the top of the shoulders in a way that they are never stretched. After doing yoga for so long, I can say that stretching this way can help you to be pain free when you get old. Even Dr. Oz has his patients do yoga.

      Also the downward dog reminds me of a new exercise that I learned and did for the first time yesterday! It is called crunning and is from Australia. It is not running or crawling. It is running on all fours like being in downward dog and running.

      Now many wear gloves while doing it. But I can tell you as a martial artist that if you do it without gloves, the front of your hands will get very tough. So if a bully is trying to intimidate you then just grab his arm. When he feels how tough your hands are, then he will look for other prey.

    • SMckie profile image

      SMckie 14 months ago from South Africa

      Thank you so much...and you are welcome! Glad it could help.

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 14 months ago from USA

      Good intro to yoga poses -- thanks for this!

    • SMckie profile image

      SMckie 14 months ago from South Africa

      Thanks so much! Indeed they are beneficial.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 14 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Yes these are the most beneficial yoga postures. I do practice Yoga since I don't remember when!

      It is the safest way of keeping fit and healthy besides brisk walking.

      Thanks for sharing this helpful information!