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5 Myths that won't Give you a Flat Stomach

Updated on March 23, 2014

In a time, when the word ‘sexy’ carries high relevance, the idea to maintain slim body has been one major factor among individuals. Many are trying to adopt various measures to achieve the same, but at times the measures taken goes extreme as we often tend to forget that we are trying to achieve it by manipulating our body.

Biologically, human body is laid upon a complex set of functions that help operate our daily life. It follows its own rule and doesn’t tend to accept any external forces which we at times often try to impart forcefully. For instance, an individual trying to acquire a toned figure may end trying some ways which inadvertently affects the system, ending up in severe diseases.

This paper will detail five most common myths associated to maintain flat stomach that we try to follow but they have severe health hazards in the long run.

Starving will lead to flat tummy

This is an age-old misnomer as obese individual sometime attempts to restrict natural diet and start fasting for a quick result. However, it should be made clear that though fasting may help loose extra pounds but at the end it destroys metabolism. The ideal way would be not to attain the extreme but be pragmatic by taking foods at periodic intervals and not to indulge on heavy diet.


More crunches to retain flat stomach

People often try to stress them with extra crunches for tight abs. But unfortunately it doesn’t lead to any solution at all. Abs muscle is a part of our body and they remain hidden behind layers of fat in stomach. Instead the ideal way would be to burn the fat to regain the abs.


Packaged Foods to attain curves

Using certain packaged food has always been on the agenda for tummy trimmers. However, it should be made clear that the available packages of such sort are high in refined sugar. They also do have ingredients that are not at all necessary in our human body and are always high on calorie count.


Say ‘No’ to Carbohydrates

Some believes that carbohydrate is one major reason that hinders maintaining proper abs. As a matter of fact, this is nothing but a misnomer. One can always consume carbohydrate during trimming session like oatmeal, brown rice and whole grains.

Diet Supplements and Pills

‘Diet Pills’ have rose to become a sensation among people, being the perfect way to retain flat stomach. But the truth lies in the fact that there are no such magic pills that came in the market to offer such solution. People at times cough off their wallet but with not gratifying result at all.


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