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5 Natural Home Remedies for Boils

Updated on January 18, 2019
peeples profile image

Peeples is a mother of 3 who is always on the hunt for the best natural remedies.


So What is a Boil?

It's a gross nasty lump of puss. Okay, okay I will be a bit more technical, but if you have one you know I am right.

A boil is an abscess under the skin that collects pus which pushes up on the skin which can cause a tender, red, swollen, pus filled head that oozes. It is an infection in/under the skin that will be treated with antibiotics if you see a doctor.

Yes, so my first sentence pretty much summed it up.


The Dreaded Boil

Boils are not a fun thing to get. They aren't even a fun thing to talk about. Not only are they just plain nasty, but they are often very painful. Unfortunately I am part of a MRSA family. I am MRSA positive, my husband is MRSA positive, and my 1 year old daughter is too. The majority of people carry MRSA around on their skin for their whole lives and never even know it is there. Some of us though are not so fortunate, and it gets into the body through an open wound. Thankfully I have only had one case of this. My husband and daughter are not so lucky!

MRSA is only one type of boil. In grown hairs can also cause boils. No matter what causes them though, they are not fun to have, and can make the strongest of people miserable with pain. Here are a few Natural remedies for boils. Please talk to your doctor before trying them. While they work great, some people have shown allergic reactions to almost everything on our planet. So be on the safe side.

5 Natural Remedies for Boils

  1. Raw Potato - Potatoes have natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, so they are great for healing many things. Simply peel a potato, cut into a flat slice and apply to the boil for 15 minutes or so. You can do this 2 or 3 times a day to get the boil to go away faster. If your skin is not too sensitive you can actually take a raw potato slice to the boil overnight. This will help it come to a head and open.
  2. Bacon - Raw bacon that is. Honestly I have NO idea how this works but it has been used for a very long time by a lot of people who claim it works well. Just lay it on the boil and allow to sit for 10 minutes. Reapply a fresh piece 3 times a day. If you want to you can apply it under a bandage over night.
  3. Apple cider vinegar - Get a washcloth wet with warm apple cider vinegar and let it sit on the boil until it has cooled. Reapply morning and night. I won't lie to you, this one is likely to burn, but Apple Cider vinegar is almost a cure all! It will draw out any pus and bring the boil to a full head.
  4. Garlic - Garlic has a lot of antibacterial properties. It works for most types of infections. Apply raw fresh garlic straight to the boil a few times a day. Do not leave on more than 10 minutes each time. You can also make a puree of garlic and smear on. Rinse after ten minutes.
  5. Tea Tree Oil - You have to be careful not to use too much with this because tea tree oil can burn the skin. Just a drop or two of 25 to 50 % clears it up in a matter of a couple days.

See a Doctor

Boils can be a serious medical condition. MRSA usually presents as a boil or very often confused as a spider bite. MRSA can be deadly and isn't something to play around with. I can speak from experience since the one time I dealt with it I put off going to the doctor. The result was I had to have minor surgery. If you get a large painful boil that appears to be green, purple, or even blue right around it do not wait to see a doctor!! It also requires a strong antibiotic. Please do not use natural remedies as a replacement for doctors care. All natural remedies should be discussed with your doctor PRIOR to using.

Do You Use Natural Home Remedies?

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  • peeples profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from South Carolina

    My little one gets them too. I would advise trying the tea tree oil, bacon, or potato first on small children. Garlic and vinegar would be my last resort for my baby. It can sting a little at first. Hope you find something that works.

  • Trish89 profile image


    7 years ago

    Thanks for this, Im going to try some of these. My 18 month old is constantly getting them, she has one now. I've taken her to the doctor for antibiotics but they still come back.


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