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5 Natural Ways To Lose Extra Pounds - The Safe Way Diet

Updated on May 21, 2013

Lose Extra Pounds Naturally

You probably have heard it all before. Those diet pills, weight loss plans and various workouts just to lose extra pounds. But, does any of the steps work for you? Dietary and fitness experts may suggest a specific program to you depending on your body’s structure and health. Remember, that not all diet plans and exercises are safe for everyone.

If losing weight is something you want to do on your own, the key is to choose the simplest steps that are easy to maintain and safe for your health.

Here are the 5 natural ways you can aim to lose those extra pounds the safest way.

Eat Right
Eat Right

1. Eat Right

Yes, it is highly recommended to cut the calories on our daily diet. It is easier than ever to track calories intake because food labels are now required to list calorie counts. As you may know, the best way to trim calories is by eating less fats and more protein. Nutritionists also recommend eating at least 1200 calories per day, so make sure to still get your required calories intake. Consume more of fish and chicken instead of red meat.

Don’t forget that organic fruits and vegetables are great substitutes for processed food. The natural sugars found in fruits keep the blood sugar at a healthy level compared to the processed granulated sugar. The veggies can increase your fiber while lowering the carbohydrate intake.

Nutritionists recommend that an adult should eat 3 to 6 cups of fruits and vegetables a day. I believe that everyone can agree of the importance of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet but still there are not enough people who are following this healthy advice.

To get you to like more of your share of fruits and vegetables, here are some simple tips to aim.

Eat the Right Way
Eat the Right Way

Tips on How to Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables

  • Make a vegetable omelet. The next time you'll prepare an omelet, stuff it instead with carrots, tomatoes, or zucchini and add some onion, garlic, peppers and low-fat cheddar cheese.
  • Having pancakes? Make your own fresh fruity yummy sauce. Eliminate the sugars by using naturally sweet ripe fruits. You can have apples, peaches, bananas, strawberries or any fruits that you like as your toppings.
  • Grill it. Make your fruits and veggies into colorful and appetizing kabobs. Pair the salmon with Pineapple, Onions and tomatoes; The chicken with Lemon, Green onions and red bell pepper. Or any of the fruit and veggies combination that you can think of with your preferred meat.
  • Add chunked fruits to your cereal, oatmeal or yogurt.
  • Fruit for dessert. Prepare a bowl of fresh sliced fruits or slice a banana (round or lengthwise) and top with a scoop of low-fat frozen yogurt then sprinkle it with a tablespoon of chopped nuts.
  • A veggie and fruit salad for main dish. Combine a chopped apple, broccoli florets, lemon juice and ground walnuts with a low fat dressing.
  • Always have a bowl of fresh fruits on the table for an easy-anytime access for you and the children.
  • Ditched that cola and commercially produced juices away and make your own fresh fruit juice or veggie shake. Fresh produce contains more fluid, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Drink to Detoxify
Drink to Detoxify

2. Eat the Right Way

The eating timing is an important factor in maintaining a healthy weight. The best way is to eat three times a day and don't ever skip breakfast. We get most of our energy in breakfast to function well throughout the day. Eating regular meals a day increases the metabolism rate which the body needed to lose weight. Eating on schedule programs the body to burn the necessary energy and so it doesn't have to store extra calories which later become body fats. It is not also good to starve yourself and it is suggested to have small healthy portion in between meals. Remember, eat only when you are hungry. It is not really how many times you eat in a day but how much you have taken in.

Focus on your food when you eat. Avoid doing other things while eating, like watching TV. You can pick one place in your home to where you can sit down and eat. Savour the food and always keep in mind when to stop – that is when you are already feeling satisfied but not until you are full.

3. Drink to Detoxify

It is more likely that our body systems accumulate different kinds of toxins from years of unhealthy eating and drinking. These toxins may be in the form of unwanted fats and body illnesses. By drinking more liquids, it cleanses the body's system. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday is the best way to detoxify. Water eliminates body waste through perspiration and human waste.

Vegetables and fruits liquid cleansing diet are also suggested before you go in a diet. Liquid detox diet can be in a form of purees or juices. Having raw, fresh fruits and vegetables juices included in your regular diet plan is a good way to shed those unwanted fats and to maintain a healthy weight and fit body.

Quality Exercises
Quality Exercises

4. Quality Exercises

Staying active doesn't only help burn off those body fats but also boost energy and build your muscle. If you cannot find time for regular exercises, there are some other ways on how to move around while doing your regular activities. You can park your car 10 – 15 minutes away from work and walk to your office the rest of the way. Climb the stairs instead of frequently taking the elevator. Take the children or the dog for a walk around the block after dinner. Dance to that music on the radio for an hour each day.

Regular aerobic exercises are also good to lose extra pounds. Walking, jogging, biking or swimming for 45 minutes a day can certainly shed the extra pounds.

Motivate Yourself
Motivate Yourself

5. Motivate Yourself

Always motivate yourself to be healthy. Picture yourself in your best body weight. With determination and persistence, you can positively lose extra pounds through natural ways.

When you are feeling hopeless, just imagine that moment when you already achieved this goal - even little by little, you become happier, because you look good and your clothes fit better. You are more confident and energetic just for being active and alive. You feel great about yourself not only because you are in control of your health but most of all, because you have achieved another goal in your life!

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