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5 Natural Ways to Boost Woman Libido

Updated on March 30, 2014


Libido or sexual drive is one common problem with human being at one stage. For a woman, loss of sex drive becomes a concern, but again they at times are unable to disclose it to the doctor. They commonly refer about depression and most of the times end up with different medication which at times may get worse.

Libido is natural in human and that tend to decrease with the course of age. However, here are some valuable tips for women to increase their libido.


In this fast paced world stress is one common problem and that affects libido. In order to de-stress, the best way would be to undergo periodic massage, rest or exercise. Vitamin B complex also helps to keep control on adrenal glands, stress glands. Moreover, one should maintain healthy diet and avoid refined sugar.


A sound sleep in the night is the biggest healer. Having quality sleep helps to preserve energy and thus helps to build libido. In case, one suffers from lack of sleep, the best option would be to opt for yoga which gives mental relaxation and attain good sleep to keep healthy libido level.


One of the oldest aphrodisiac, Ginseng is the best solution to increase stamina. Often referred as “improved sense of wellbeing”, the root mixes with DHEA for higher libido.

Green Tea

The extract of green tea named L-theanine is another good stimulant that helps to keep brain active during night time and thus increases the chance towards a happy encounter.

Hormone Therapy

One of the most common reasons to lose sexual drive is the fatigue. As the body lacks strength, it tends to put stress on certain hormones like testosterone and DHEA. Though these hormones are common in men, but they are also found in women because their body needs the same. There are many variants of medicine available to increase DHEA and testosterone. DHEA is available over-the-counter where testosterone has to be prescribed.


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