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4 Basic Pushup Techniques Sure to Make You Fit

Updated on October 27, 2014

Wide Grip Variation

This pushup is much more effective for muscle growth than the standard variation in that the leverage used is less. The stance is simple. Place yourself into the standard pushup position and widen your palm position to about half a foot outside your shoulders and a little below the plane of your shoulders. Perform. The trick to making this variation as effective as possible is to keep your elbows as close to your body as comfortably as possible. This will ensure that your chest, shoulders, and triceps are equally stimulated.

Diamond Variation

This pushup most effectively isolates the triceps more than any other variation of pushup. However, I would definitely suggest tuning your body into other variations before attempting the diamond pushup variation. The stance is easy. Position yourself into the standard pushup position and slowly slide your palms along the floor towards the center of your body until your thumbs and index fingers connect to form a diamond (hence the title). Balancing your self may be a little difficult at first, but with time, it will get easier. Perform. Now because of how awkward this variation of pushup can be for your body, the core has a natural tendency to slump towards the floor. It is crucial to preventing injury that this not happen.

Decline Variation

This pushup is extremely easy but very, very effective. The stance is simple. Position yourself into the standard position but elevate your feet using a weight bench or something just as effective. Your body's natural body weight will shift downwards towards the floor and exert pressure on your shoulders and arms. Perform. The best part of this variation is that the level of difficulty can be easily adjusted by simply elevating your feet higher and higher as you become more and more advanced.

Incline Variation

This pushup is the easiest and the most widely used for warmups before performing other pushup variations. Simply find a bench or something similar to elevate your upper body and assume the standard pushup position. Perform. This variation ensures that your natural body weight will fall towards the floor therefore releasing pressure from your shoulders and arms. The lower the incline the harder this variation becomes.


Pushups are unfortunately often overlooked as a viable method of attaining muscle growth and great personal fitness. The key to making these variations of pushups most effective (and every other variation of push), is to do them as consistently, correctly, and as safely as possible. As these variations of pushups become simpler over time, you can easily adjust the level of difficulty by simply widening your palm position or just doing more reps in a shorter amount of time. The sky is the limit and there are a multitude of different pushup variations you can choose from. And for me, the best aspect of pushups is the fact that they can be done any where and at any time. And that's what I love about them. For those of you who are time-strapped and need something quick and easy to do.....pushups are your answer. Enjoy!


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    • AJDonkin profile imageAUTHOR

      Alexander Donkin 

      3 years ago from Newport News, VA

      Thanks for the question. I define fitness as being able to accomplish more than what you were able to do when first starting a physical regiment. That's the task, to get a little stronger and a little more durable. If a person is tired of doing the standard pushup, there are many other variations that a person could do to add an element of difficulty. I don't necessarily agree that the definition of being fit has been blurred, but I get your point. However, I do feel that it's relative. Whether it be weight-lifting and pumping more weight or swimming and going further and faster, and of course eating correctly and other positive lifestyle choices, a person could consider themselves fit. If they're consistently making progress with whatever method they use. I hope this clarified my position. And I didn't even know the hub was readable yet. Thanks for taking the time to read it

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 

      3 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Fitness is defined as your ability to achieve a task. What tasks will these pushups help you achieve? It seems that the actual definition of being fit is blurred for many. On what basis are you classifying 'fit'?


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