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5 Quick Exercises To Do Every Morning

Updated on January 13, 2015


Of course there's a disclaimer. For one, looking for big results, no matter what your workout regimen is, will take time. Even doing 30 minutes of crunches each day can take months to give you the spectacular abs you're looking for. Likewise, this is more for muscular tone and strength rather than weight-loss. I'm a 160lb. 5'10 male, so I don't struggle with weight. If you would like to eliminate some of that pudginess however, I'd recommend running every other day. Don't try to over-exert yourself, start with a 5-10 minute run in one direction and then turn around and return, running back to your initial starting position. As your body acquires a tolerance for running, increase your distance and intensity gradually, maybe running one extra minute out each week until you are running multiple miles every other day.

Aside from that, enjoy!


1. Pull-ups

This may be geared more towards men, however there is no reason as to why women cannot benefit from doing a few pull-ups everyday. They use a variety of muscles distributed across several areas of your body and will help rectify posture issues rather nicely.

I recommend doing 1-2 sets of 10, depending on your abilities. Additionally, if you cannot do near that many, you must take my advice and just simply work at it. You will get better. Make sure to keep an overhand wide grip on the bar. Then, in a smooth but not necessarily fast motion, pull your weight upwards to where your chin is higher than the bar (make sure not to stretch your neck to try to get there). If these seem to easy, go slower, letting yourself descend in steps, a few inches at a time.

If you've mastered that are are looking for an even more advanced pull-up technique, do a google search of the "Bar Kip"!


2. The Plank

Sometimes one of the more grueling exercises out there, planks are a static hold that target a range of abdominal muscles, back muscles, and both leg and arm muscles. Essentially, they're a step closer to a 'do-it-all' routine. Likewise, they're quick to perform and do not require anything more than a flat area of ground.

As seen in the image above, all you need to do is assume a push-up position, but instead suspend yourself from the ground while keeping your weight forward, on your elbows. When doing a plank, its very important to use the correct form. That is, keep your body straight. Don't hoist your rear in the air and don't let it hang down low, try to maintain as much of a 90 degree angle between your arms, feet, and body as possible (feet aren't necessarily as important and can fall into place naturally).

Work on these until you can do them without wavering for approximately one minute and then move onto a side plank as seen in the image below the standard plank. This time, simply raise yourself onto your elbow and keep your other arm at your side or in the air for maximum muscle use. Again, do this for one minute, and switch sides.

If these become too easy, I recommend attempting two cycles-- one minute of standard planking, one minute on the left and right sides, and then repeat.


3. The Bicycle Crunch

The bicycle crunch specifically targets your abs. They're easy to do and are just one more quick exercise that takes up only floor space. Lay down on your back, bring your arms up and interlock your fingers behind your head if you have trouble keeping them back, and alternate kicking. Make sure to bring your knees all the way up to your chest if possible. Attempt to do this until your abs just cannot take it anymore!


4. The Push-up

Pretty self explanatory really. Just make sure you aren't slouching or putting your rear end too high (just like planks). Do as many as you can each morning and you should begin to notice some results in terms of muscle resilience before too long. Once you hit the point where you can readily perform 50+ pushups without breaking a sweat, slow them down as much as possible. This will strongly increase the intensity and wear you up-- effectives melding the pushup and the plank together to target even more of your body.


5. The Lunge

Finally, to conclude your brief daily routine, it's a good idea to do some leg targeting. Lunges are a fantastic way to exercise serval areas of your legs from the calves to the quads. Again, they don't take up a lot of space if you go down and up in place, alternating which leg you place outward each time.

Similar to pushups, do these until you really cannot do them anymore. The better you are at doing these, the more lively your step will be throughout your day--guaranteed. And once you feel you've mastered the lunge, you can up the ante and add an aerobic aspect to it. That is, turn your lunge into a lunge-jump. To do this, spring into the air after you lower yourself from a lunge, and quickly switch legs so that you have your opposite out when you land. Do this continuously without stopping for as long as you can. Be forewarned, it will burn! But it will burn in a good way!

Thanks for reading!

With that, I'll leave the customization up to you! I religiously follow through with each of these exercises and after about a year, I've noticed an incredible change. For the first time in my life, for example, I can describe my abs as "sculpted", and it's a fantastic ego booster (not that you should be trying to develop all that much of an ego, but hey, a little pride is healthy).

Remember that as good as these exercises are, however, they alone won't give you the look you want. Rather, you have to combine them with a healthy lifestyle. Eat well-- stay away from carbs and sugars; sleep well, and don't overexert yourself!

With that, good luck my friends!

Do you think these exercises are productive and beneficial?

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    • Ourworldtomorrow profile image

      Ourworldtomorrow 3 years ago from US

      In all honesty, you're probably right. There's a science to maintaining an attractive and more importantly healthy physique that I am not putting focus on. Why? Because I cannot. I don't have any extensive physiology background.

      However, the purpose of this hub is to share my take on what an individual with minimal activity in his/her life can do in a few short minutes each morning to improve themselves. There will always be more intense methods, more efficient methods, and quicker methods, but this is what works for me. I'm sure that if a reader decides to try out my short little "work-out", and eventually becomes proficient enough to surpass it, they will look elsewhere and find a more finely-tuned workout.

      Nonetheless, I appreciate your interest and your time.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 3 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Basic and simple workout which like most of the stuff on the menshealth site you've taken images from (will get you in trouble as they likely have copyright) is fairly lacking detail and individual focus.

      The problem is always going to be that the body adapts to a set of activities in a very short space of time which limits potential for significant gains (improvements will likely be seen but not to the potential possible)

      The other issues really arise in that there is no exercise to counteract the sit-ups which may lead to lower back pain for the exerciser over time due to issues with antagonist muscles.

      Ideally various different exercises should be cycled and beyond a certain point in fitness bodyweight will become a restriction (lunges for most once stability developed)