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Updated on August 2, 2011


Remember all those teachers who were always yelling, "SPIT OUT YOUR GUM!" Well, maybe they shouldn't have! Turns out chewing gum helps improve memory and enhances cognitive powers. So maybe that gum would have done a lot more good in our MOUTHS than stuck UNDER THE DESK (ewww..gross...I don't think it did much good under there, at all)!

This is good news for me, because I've always been a gum chewer. Oh, maybe not like that girl on Willie Wonka. But seriously, maybe those Oompa Loompas should change their little song about gum, because there are even MORE benefits to chewing it - besides just freshening your breath and (with some new brands) whitening your teeth, and helping you to stop smoking. Read on to discover 5 MORE benefits to chewing gum!

1). CHEWING GUM REDUCES STRESS! Yup..and it's much healthier than getting drunk! Chewing gum reduces tension and helps release nervous energy. It also provides an outlet for frustration and irritation. (So chewing when you're angry at your boyfriend for forgetting your anniversay is also a good idea)! Try it whenever you feel anxious, like before a big date or a doctor's appointment. Pop in a piece of'll help!

2). CHEWING GUM WILL KEEP YOU AWAKE! Next time you are driving long distance or have to pull an all-nighter for whatever reason, PULL OUT THE GUM! Studies show that chewing gum increases alertness and concentration while fighting sleepiness. And at least you won't have to keep going to the bathroom, like when you guzzle down all those energy drinks and coffee!

3). CHEWING GUM HELPS MANAGE WEIGHT! Well that just makes sense. After all, you already have something in your mouth - which makes you less likely to want to put something else in it! Chewing is great between meals to cut down on snacking...or right after a meal to keep you from eating MORE! And now we have these delicious DESERT flavor gums to choose from. At only 5 calories a piece, they tste yummy without packing on the pounds. I recommend the mint chocolate chip flavor - it lasts the longest!  And it's so amazing, because it really does taste like you're chewing ice-cream....REALLLY!

4). CHEWING GUM IMPROVES DIGESTION! Feeling nauseous? YUCK! Here's a tip - chew some MINT flavored gum. It will help! Chewing gum helps improve intestinal motility and increases saliva flow, which promotes more frequent swallowing - which helps prevent acid reflux!  (Have it as a side, with your Pepto and glass of warm flat coke).

5). CHEWING GUM IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH! Yay - let's here it for oral health!  As I said before, chewing gum increases saliva, which is an important component of oral health and powerful protector of the oral cavity. It helps flush sugars, food debris, and decay-causing acids (ew!) out fo the mouth. Studies have shown that people who regularly chew sugar-free gum after meals have LESS cavities than those who don't! (Remember 4 out of 5 dentists..what was up with that fifth dentist, anyway)?

So there you have it! Now of course I don't recomment chewing like a looks tacky and annoys people. I also don't recommend chewing gum on a job interview or in any professional setting (SO unprofessiona!)!

 And you should spit it out before you run, ride the roller-coaster, or fall asleep (dangerous otherwise)!

But other than that..CHEW AWAY! Don't forget bubble gum,'s so much fun having those bubble blowing contests with family members. And also, don't forget to take it with you when you fly, so you can combat that whole annoying ear popping situation!

So what are you waiting for? Let's head to the store and buy some more gum! Another good thing about gum? It's still a relatively cheap purchase! (Try Stride...the flavor really DOES last a super long time...More flavor for your money)! And with a POP of my gum, I'm outa here!



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    • profile image

      Angel Lopez 11 months ago

      I love gum who doesn't like gum

    • profile image

      dj 12 months ago

      i like gum. who doesn't.

    • profile image

      Kat 13 months ago

      Now i have reasons to tell my teachers why i am chewing gum in school:)

    • profile image

      Aisling Hagan 15 months ago

      I chew gum rarely and is it true that it boosts your memory and de-stresses you. I am chewing gum right now. Mmm.... Big sour zappers

    • profile image

      Ella 22 months ago

      I chew trentegum layers I can't servive without it

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      Gum definitely has some awesome benefits. There are some pretty crazy flavors out nowadays, too (apple pie, meatball, pickle, etc.)

    • profile image

      yo 4 years ago

      i hate it

    • profile image

      Anna 4 years ago

      Ya gum is totes saving me in high school to stay awake after field hockey to do my homework. I would probably fall asleep as soon as i got home without it! :)

    • profile image

      Dave 4 years ago

      Huge Gum chewer here, totally agree on the oral health point

    • profile image

      Tylor 5 years ago

      I love gum

    • PSSST! profile image

      PSSST! 6 years ago from Conneticut

      Ha! Cute! I am a big fan of Trident Layers!