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5 Reasons Supplements Suck

Updated on July 24, 2011

Read This Before You Ever Buy A Supplement

Supplements have become a huge fad that everyone in the fitness and weight loss industry have bought into. However, the dirty little secret that the fitness industry doesn't want you to know is that for the results that supplements give you, you will be paying way too much. There are many reasons why you shouldn't use supplements. However, I've condensed them into the most important five in this article for you.

1 Everyone's Body Is Different

Despite having countless studies to "back up" the results of supplements, the truth is that everyone's body is different. As such, everyone's body is going to react differently to the supplements. Some people might find that they have a very high level of success, while others will experience literally nothing at all. At the end of the day, when you are using supplements, there's a good possibility that you might not see any results whatsoever.

2 They're Expensive

Supplements are very costly, especially when you compare them to the alternative: real food. Supplements can often cost up to triple the price of food that will give you similar benefits. Not only that, but food will also taste better than whatever supplement you are eating/drinking/taking at the time.

3 They Offer Lackluster Results

Most supplements say that they offer incredible results that are hard to believe. However, the truth is, it takes several months and hundreds upon hundreds of dollars before you are going to see anywhere near the results that you want to see with the supplements that you are taking. Even those in the body building industry know that supplements are mainly there for when you are in a rush and can not cook yourself a real meal. They are in no way whatsoever meant to replace your food.

4 They May Not do What You Expect

Most supplements, while they do aid in whatever it is you are using them for(most likely you are looking to gain muscle or lose weight), they also have several negative side effects that go with them. Most supplements are very hard for your body to digest, and your liver can not clean out whatever toxins are in the supplement(which, if you look on the label of any supplement product, you are going to see A LOT of preservatives and other unhealthy additives).

5 There's No Substitute For Real Food

At the end of the day, if you are looking to gain muscle or lose weight, the best thing that you can put in your body is real food. Eating healthy meats, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc... All of these are going to give you more results than your supplements will, and they will also taste better and be healthier for you!


Instead of going to the supplement store, I would highly recommend you go to the grocery store instead. There, you will be able to find healthy foods that your body needs, rather than unhealthy supplements that will barely, if at all, do what you're hoping they will do.


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    • JanThinks profile image

      JanThinks 6 years ago

      The nutritional value of food today is not the nutritional value of food from even 50 years ago. Farmers do not rotate crops as they should be and micro nutrients are being drained from our soils, therefore not getting into the food.

      Even organic foods have major issues that are not blasted all over the media. For example, North Carolina tobacco farmers started growing strawberries that were great - no pesticides needed, totally organic. Big problem, the big, beautiful, flavorful strawberries are full of nicotine from the years of growing tobacco.

      Good quality vitamins are good for you, especially if you aren't getting enough nutrition out of what you do eat.