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5 Reasons That You Should Embrace The Winter Season

Updated on February 9, 2018

Don't Count the Days: Embrace Winter Instead

During the year, there are four different and distinct seasons. And winter is one of these seasons. There are people that for their own reasons do not like the winter season and they wish that it would end really fast. But there are reasons to embrace winter. This article will provide an interesting analysis on a season that many people around the world do not like. I personally love winter and I would love to experience the cold weather and a nice gentle breeze that comes with it. These words come from a writer that actually spent time living in a four season climate before relocating to warmer Los Angeles many years ago and I did not do so by choice. Regardless of that, there is always a positive side to most things in life and winter is no exception. The problem is that many people always want to look at the things that they do not like about winter. It is no wonder why they get miserable, cranky and moody once the shorter days and darkness set in. But your life does not have to be this way.

Why should you be miserable, moody and cranky when you can be positive, cheerful and look forward to winter instead of dreading it? Winter is just a season and it does not last the entire year unless you live in Barrow, Alaska. Yes, there are disadvantages to having to deal with snow, ice and windy conditions. But there are the benefits to winter also if you will look for them because the advantages are there for the people that want to see them. Be positive and try to look at the good sides of winter and not the bad sides. A positive attitude is your best line of defense.

A Snowy Region With Trees

The 5 Reasons to Embrace Winter

  1. The first reason to love winter is because of this obvious reason: cooler temperatures

When winter arrives, that means that the weather will be much cooler. You do not have to worry about sunburns, heat exhaustion, dizziness, headaches and other heat related illnesses. You do not have to drink over two gallons of water a day just to be able to survive the intense heat of the summer. You do not have to constantly worry about how much you have sweated. I personally would rather have the weather be cold than hot. With the cooler temperatures you can be active outdoors for longer periods of time. However, when the air temperatures are lower combined with a wind that blows hard, then it is a challenge to enjoy winter.

2. The days are shorter during winter and so it gets dark fast

During winter there will be less hours of daylight and as a result the days will be shorter. Darkness will arrive much faster. I personally like the shorter days because there is a certain kind of interesting feel when you walk outside and it is dark. During the darkness, some people can be more active and have better focus and concentration. These people can be considered to be night people. These people are generally more productive at night compared to the daytime.

3. Your health will be better if you live in a part of the world with a real winter

If you do not currently have any health problems and you are healthy your health will continue to be better if you live in a part of the world that has a real winter and good air quality. It is no surprise that nations such as Sweden, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands all have populations with high life expectancy. One of the reasons that I believe that explains the high life expectancy in these countries is because of their cold winters. Warmer countries such as Mexico, Sudan and Haiti have much lower life expectancy in contrast.

4. There is nothing better than walking outside in the middle of winter and having the nice and cool air blow in your face

When you walk outside of the house, you will be greeted with a nice and cool breeze that makes it refreshing.

5. You can do things in the winter that you could not otherwise do in other seasons

When winter arrives you can engage yourself in many activities that can also be enjoyable with friends or even your kids. You can go skiing or do some snowboarding. You can even build a snowman. There are inconveniences that are caused by cold winters but in the opinion of this writer, those inconveniences are not as bad as having to deal with hot, humid summers.

There are Inconveniences Caused By Winter But Look for the Positives

It is true that many people do not like winter because they have to shovel the snow off of their driveway or they have to end up scraping the ice off of their car windshield. Some of these people even have to deal with high winds and blizzards on occasion. But if you look really closely, there are benefits to having a real winter that some people may not realize because they are so focused on all the negative aspects of winter. It is also due to personal preference. Some people just do not like the idea of having to deal with a real winter and that’s fine. This article was designed to give a general introduction to some of the positives of winter.

Attitude Towards the Winter Season

How Do You Feel About Winter?

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A simple and quick video about reasons to like the winter time


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    • CELEBSFAN78 profile image

      Ara Vahanian 15 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      RoadMonkey: thank you for your comment. I try to do the same thing, to enjoy each season but in my part of the world, we don't really have four distinct seasons. I would love to visit Northern Ireland someday. thank you again for commenting.

    • RoadMonkey profile image

      RoadMonkey 15 months ago

      We have a winter, here in Northern Ireland but on the coast, seldom any snow. Finding something to like about any season is useful, because, as you say, no season lasts that long and you may as well enjoy each one as it comes.