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5 Reasons Why You Should Tame Your Thoughts!

Updated on December 7, 2015

Thoughts Have Power

There has been, over recent years perhaps, a growing understanding of how powerful our thoughts can be and the impact thoughts can have on almost every aspect of our lives . Everything begins with a thought. They are the basis for all action and creativity. Every conscious movement for example lifting a leg, or raising an arm starts with a thought, what we say, how we express our emotions all begin in our thoughts. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi

' A man is but the product of his thoughts - what he thinks, he becomes.'

We have probably all experienced the impact of negative thoughts, we feel fed up about something and then a vicious circle develops and soon we can feel down about all sorts of things - though of course the reverse is also true. Probably many of us will also agree that thoughts are not always easy to subject to our bidding. Telling ourselves not to worry for example often has little impact on whether or not we actually continue to worry, and almost all of us will have had some nights when our thoughts 'run riot' in our heads.

Acknowledge that thoughts are powerful - and learn to harness that power.

Thoughts are Energy

Basically if you allow your mind to be filled with negative thoughts, worry, fear, hate, anger, to name just a few they will have an impact on your energy. If you want to read about the science follow this link

But to keep it simple our thoughts effect how we feel and this effects the energy flow in our body and the energy, or vibration which we transmit to others. If we think about it practically we will all be able to think about a time when we have met someone and their 'energy' has been negative. Unless it was someone we had a close relationship with, the chances are we wouldn't really want to spend time with them. Negative energy impacts us all. It impacts the person who has the negative thought and in turn it impacts others which in turn will probably have a further negative impact on the individual.

Keep thoughts positive because they can create negative energy.

Thoughts create reality

There is a famous quote from Henry Ford that many people will have heard and one which many people will know to be true.

'Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.'

The fact is that what we believe about ourselves and our ability WILL lead us towards success OR away from it. In business that is so important - working as a coach I often come across people who have very little belief that they can be successful and of course unless they can change those thoughts then success, business or otherwise, will probably evade them.

If you have little self belief then that 'mind-set' needs to change. Start by affirming the truth about your strengths, it might help to get others to list your strengths but if it is a persistent problem for you then seek professional help - it will be well worth it.

Establish positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities.

Be Careful Where You Dwell

There is a difference between having a simple thought and developing thought patterns. The thought patterns are where we 'dwell'. You have probably experienced a time when it has been particularly difficult to stop certain thought patterns and you end up spending hours or even days 'dwelling' in thoughts that are exactly what you don't want. Worry is a great example of that and when we allow ourselves to be overtaken with worry we essentially begin to create the future we don't want. So we need to tame our thoughts and bring them under out control to make sure we use their power to create what we do want and not what we don't

.'Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want' Abraham Hicks

Simply put, imagining all the things that might go wrong means they probably will - so control your thoughts and don't spend time where you don't want to dwell

Don't devote any time or energy to thoughts about things you DON'T want.


Enjoy your Thoughts

We have probably all enjoyed times when we have been lost in happy thoughts too. imagining a holiday, time with a loved one, even winning the lottery. A 'daydream' can be pleasurable and that in essence is what we should do more of. Spend time filling our head with thoughts of what we want.

That is the basis of visualisation although to be effective when visualising we need also to connect with our emotions, how would we feel if that really happened, when we visualise a future we want and are feeling the emotion and that is a powerful force of attraction.

Visualisation is now a recognised technique used by athletes and others to improve performance.

'Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners the rewards of success.' William S Gilbert

Use your thoughts to visualise the future you want to create.

How to Tame your Thoughts

Like any form of training, learning to tame your thoughts will take some time and effort.

In todays busy lifestyle whilst are minds may be full of thoughts while we go about our day we can slip into a habit of never giving priority to or thoughts by allowing some time that is distraction free.

So follow these simple steps to learn how to control our thoughts and use them to build the future you want for yourself, your family and/or your business.

1 Allow some time each day when there are no distractions

2. Take a few deep breaths and try to empty your mind and concentrate on your breath - this may be difficult at first but as new thoughts keep coming just harness them and put them away for later

3. Decide what you do want to think about - pick one specific aspect of your life and think how you would like it to be

4. Add detail to the mental images as you dwell on the thoughts

5. Tune in to the emotions you would feel if the thoughts were to be reality

Repeat this frequently, at least once a day and you will find that as you become more proficient you will develop 'muscle' and it will be easier to manage the negative thoughts or worries that can occur at other times.

Thoughts are powerful so make sure you learn to tame them and use them to your advantage in creating the future you want.


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