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5 Reasons why Sugar is like a bad boyfriend

Updated on June 9, 2015

Sugar: The Wonder Drug


#1 Sugar lets you down

We all know the type: the guy who sweeps you off your feet, gets you to fall for him, elated by all the wonderful things he is making you feel, then once he has you he loses interest and you ending up getting let down. Well, my friends, sugar does the same thing: to your blood sugar levels.

When we are first introduced to sugar (if you were formula fed it would have been in infancy), it is usually an instant love affair. This is because our brains react to sugar the same way they react to cocaine. Now let that sink in. Sugar is a stimulant, and boy does it make our brains feel good! Next time you take a bite out of something sugary pay attention to all the subtle, or maybe perhaps, the big changes happening. Do you feel more awake? Do you feel a small sense of euphoria or happiness? All of that is from the sugar changing the chemistry in your brain the same way cocaine does.

After that brownie or doughnut, however, your insulin spikes and when your body has burned it up your blood sugar drops farther than before, if this is done repeatedly then you can become insulin resistant and eventually diabetic. Not cool. Even if you don't get diabetes, its still really hard on your system, similar to if you pressed the gas pedal all the way down in your car immediately after you started it. You can get headaches, become irritable, experience acne breakouts and many more small, but not desired, symptoms.

Bottom Line: Sugar, just like a bad boyfriend, feels good at first, but will only make you crash and burn in the end.

#2 Sugar is a Liar

Boyfriends who lie are the worst. They make promise after promise only to break them, along with your heart. They will swear up-and-down they will change and be better, but you soon find out that was just lip service. Eventually, you have to leave him behind because you just can't trust him, or, hire a team of investigators, install cameras in the car, house, his work and maybe even a personal guard to make sure he does right.

Alright, maybe the actual product, sugar, does not lie to you, but many companies that make processed foods do. When companies make a lowfat version of a popular product they usually replace the fat with sugar so the taste remains the same. The problem with this is even though the product has fewer calories more of those calories eaten will be absorbed and metabolized into fat because when insulin levels rise our bodies go into sort of a fat storing mode. So you're actually better off eating the whole fat product because your body will be more likely to release those calories and use them as energy!

Bottom Line: bad boyfriends lie and so do many low fat products. Always read ingredients.


#3 Sugar is a stalker

These kind of guys are the super creepy ones, the ones your mother warns you about! He is the guy who once he has you, its very hard to get away. He's the boyfriend who refuses to move out of the apartment, and stalks you when you are out on dates with other guys- even though you have made it abundantly clear you have moved on. All your prospects get sabotaged, because of your little stalker, then he starts acting sweet again, and BOOM your sucked back in! Sugar is the same way.

It's hard to get away from sugar and I do mean lifetime-movie-hard. Sugar is everywhere, in everything, you can't run and you can't hide. Its in bread, its in chips, its in some canned beans, pastas, canned fruit, granola bars, milk, breakfast cereals, salad dressings, soups, bbq sauce- the list goes on and on. Sugar beats down our willpower like a bad boyfriend we just can't dump. We try to say no but they follow us and eventually we are reminded of all the good times and before we know it we are back in their arms!

There always comes a point, however, that now matter how many times he follows you and tries to woo you by breaking down your resolve that you eventually get sick of all the crap and change your number, move out, block him on Facebook- basically ignore him. You must do the same with sugar. Quit that stuff like a bad habit and eventually you will crave it less. Our bodies were not meant to eat the amount of sugar we do in American Society. It is an addictive substance, so expect withdrawals, but slowly you will think about it less and less until not at all. Promise.

Bottom Line: Even though sugar is everywhere, the less you eat of it, the less you crave it, and then the less stalkerish it feels.

Soda has a TON of sugar!

Do you drink soda everyday? If you do, you are consuming WAY too much sugar!

See results

#4 Sugar is a deadbeat

Nothing makes a girl (or guy) feel more swindled than coming home after a hard day of work, only to find a lazy, good-for-nothing on the couch, with the house a mess, no dinner, no errands done and especially no job search performed. Sugar acts just like that deadbeat boyfriend.

When you eat a high sugar food, such as, a white piece of bread, the simple carbohydrates are broken down so easily by the body that it doesn't help you do hardly any work before you are hungry again. It's a lazy food. You will end up being hungrier and eating more during the day if most of your calories are coming from simple carbohydrates (aka sugar), the lack of fiber makes white flour-based foods break down faster and cause a spike in insulin levels. It's better to stick with whole-grains only.

Bottom line: Sugar is like a deadbeat boyfriend because it doesn't really help you get anything done.

Don't cry over sugar!

#5 Sugar makes you feel ugly

One of the worst kind of boyfriends are the one who make you feel bad about yourself. Not only is that emotional abuse, but also, severely damaging to self esteem, and the damage can last many years after the relationship has ended. These type of guys are totally worthless so they need to make someone else feel ugly. They will do it no matter who you are, what you do or say. Sugar is just like that.

Eating a high sugar diet is a sure fire way to pack on the pounds! Nobody likes to go into their closet and find out their favorite jeans don't fit, it brings a horrible qualidescope of bad feelings, from failure to disappointment and, yes, even ugliness. It also takes a while to burn off that extra body fat. Even after you have dumped sugar, the repercussions can last awhile. Sugar is like that with most people, unless you have the metabolism of the gods, then you will likely gain fat from too much sugar in your diet.

Bottom line: some bad boyfriends make their partners feel ugly and gaining fat from sugar does the same thing.

Bottom Line: Dump Sugar!

How many times did one of your friends tell you that boyfriend is no good and you need to dump him or maybe you've been that friend giving the advice. The reason why friends are good to listen too, is because they have a different perspective and can catch things going on you may have missed. The love goggles can certainly make a lot go over our heads. This is why it is always important to listen to your trusted friend(s) because they don't love your boyfriend, they love YOU! Well, folks, think of me as that friend, and right now I'm telling you to dump sugar!

Sugar is horrible, candy, soda, white flour products, cookies, ice cream, all that stuff- cut it out! I know it sounds harsh because you love these foods, even though they are terrible to your body and do not contribute in a positive way to your overall health, you still have all those fond memories and it just plain tastes good! I've been there, and it was hard dumping sugar, but in the end sugar is a jerk and you can cut it out of your diet for good!

There are many subsitutes for your favorite sugary items. Rasberries are a great swap over candy, whole grain noodles contain fiber and protein and are a much better choice than regular pastas. Google "cleaned up recipes for cookies" and find one without sugar in it. You really can live without the stuff. Once you acclimate your taste buds things like fruit, agave, and stevia will taste extra sweet so you won't feel deprived at all.

Bottom, Bottom Line: You can do it! Quitting a bad boyfriend is just like quitting sugar, it may be uncomfortable at first, but in time, you won't miss a thing! Now kick that sugar to the curb!


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    • heatherlund profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Tacoma, WA

      I'm so glad! More and more information is becoming known about sugar in the health and fitness world. Fat was thought of as the culprit behind fat gain, but we are now learning sugar is the main devastator when it comes to weight loss. Thank you for reading my hub!

    • fadiasabra1 profile image


      3 years ago from beirut

      thank you heatherlund for this valuable topic, I have to admit that you make me know some facts about sugar I was unware about it..


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