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LOST 20 POUNDS IN TWO MONTHS, 5 simple advices and tips

Updated on October 14, 2014

5 Steps I follow on my journey:

1. First get mentally prepare:

You need to do this for yourself and not for anyone else. You want to lose weight, feel good and be healthier. Lets face it, these are the main reasons why most of us go on a diet. You have to stay focus and get mentally prepare. When I decided to lose weight and go on a diet I first prepare myself. Please do yourself a favor and don't go on a diet without doing this. Most people do this and this is number one mistake. Other tactics I used for motivating myself and getting mentally prepare was to think of the consequences it would bring if I kept on this track specially if I had a family history of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Although I'm relatively young right now doesn't mean I can't start early. So please do yourself a favor and get prepare first.

2. Start you diet slowly:

Many people believe going into a diet means you have to stop eating everything you were eating suddenly. This is the worst you can do in a diet. You need to start slow, cutting all the bad greasy, high calorie and sugar foods. Our bodies are not really made to suddenly stop eating everything we been eating for months, years and decades. You need to understand your body won't like this. Some things I did was to start with the few things I knew would not be hard to cut off and replace them with other food substitutes which will give me the good and not the bad. For example instead of eating fried chicken, I would bake it. Instead of eating Taco Bell I would go to Subway. I would substitute foods and places which would benefit my calorie intake. We all know Subway food has less calories than those of Taco Bell. You know yourself best, so you need to make these decisions but always start cutting foods slowly.

3. Treat your diet as your new life

Treating your diet as your new life style is what everyone needs to do. Your diet should be something you take pride on and something you are doing to be more healthy. If your lifestyle before you started your diet was to go out with your friends to MacDonalds almost every day then now maybe you can ask your friends or family members if they can come over to cook at home instead. If your old life style was to watch lots of TV then now maybe you can get into a habbit of going for a walk or even going for run in the mornings or evenings. I did a lot of these activities and they really helped. In my opinion, the reason why many diets fail is because people have the mentality of "short term." When you start a diet you need to look at it as a change in your life style that point and moving forward. Once you do this, your body and mind will get it and you won't have much of a struggle adjusting to your new healthy lifestyle. Our bodies and minds are very adjustable but many of us might know this but ignore it. If more of us humans put our minds and bodies to work harder we would have better results in accomplishing goals. Just think about the time when you said to yourself "I will do this" and although it seem hard to do you end up accomplishing it. Then do the same with your diet.

4.Know your body needs:

Everyone needs to have a clear understanding of their needs and wants. By this, I mean you need to know how many calories your body needs to stay at a your desire weight. For example, calculate why what is the desire and healthy weight you want to achieve and calculate how many calories you should intake on a daily basis and keep track. Please don't starve yourself because "you are in a diet." This is not how a smart diet is done. A start diet should be started slowly. You have to understand your body won't rapid eating changes so you need to start slowly. For example, If you ate fried chicken four times a week cut it in half. If you drink soda every day start cutting slow until your body and mind don't need it. When I started my diet I started slowly until my body got use to not having those junk food and drinks. I know of many people who have gone on a diet and they rapidly fall of the track. Many of them have told me their bodies couldn't take it anymore. When I ask why? They said that they missed what they ate before? When I ask why? They said because I suddenly stop eating everything I ate before. Please remember losing weight is all about the calorie intake, the less bad calories you take, the more weight you are going to lose. There is no way you won't lose weight by sticking to this. I did it, why not you? If we dedicate ourselves we can accomplish just about anything. You have to have the will to do things for yourself. Always remember good things don't come easy and you have to work hard on them. When I was on my diet I had to make changes in my eating which brought changes in my lifestyle in general.

5. Never lose focus of your new lifestyle:

Once you have achieve your weight lose this becomes your new life style. You have to continue eating healthy. Eventually over the time your body will get use to it and it will get to a point where you won't even care if you didn't eat fried chicken every day, greasy foods or any of that nature. Over the time, the body and mind adapt to your new life style but you need to work on it. I can use myself as an example. I used to drink sofa every day. Now I only drink sofa once a month or not even. This is normal for me now. My body doesn't crave it anymore nor I want to drink sofa. Once you get to this point then you have won the battle but you need to apply discipline and dedication to get to this point. A good method I use to stay focus and motivated was to read about all the benefits of eating healthy. Also, another method I used was to read about all the medical risks of being overweight or obese can bring such as heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol and such. Everyone is different so I can't really tell you how to lose weight in steps. We all think, see, and believe in different ways. You need to just sit and analyst and ask yourself what will work best for you and apply the few things I applied. Hope this works. Please share your success on this blog.

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