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Updated on July 25, 2016

Are You Losing Motivation?

Have you ever gotten really excited about a new project, business, health idea, etc only to lose steam a few weeks later? Have you started something that you really wanted and then you never finished? How did you get sidetracked and lose your motivation?

Losing motivation is a sign of self sabotage. When you no longer feel like you want to do something, check to see if there’s something coming up for you that is getting in your way.

Let’s say for example that you wanted to start your own blog. You are passionate about what you want to write about. You set up your blog, add in pictures and then you go to write your first post. You sit in front of the computer and nothing comes to your mind so you go on Facebook and check e-mail…...all of a sudden, the kids come home and you need to get dinner ready and you decide that you’ll do it tomorrow. The next day comes, and once again you’re busy and put it off. Days go into weeks and then you wonder why you wanted to start a blog in the first place. You delete your blog and it’s over before you began.

Maybe this is you with your health and the way you eat. I’ll start eating better next week. Or even with your exercise. Whatever the case, it’s time to examine what is holding you back and keeping you from reaching your goals.

Exercise 1: write down your negative thoughts associated with what you’re trying to do.

From the blog example above, it would be:

  • Why would anyone want to hear about me?

  • What if people judge me?

  • I don’t want to expose myself

  • What can people possibly learn about me?

  • What if I succeed at this?

Exercise 2: Examine which thoughts are keeping your from moving forward

Exercise 3: Take one action step right now that will get you towards your goal.


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    • AndreaRelli1111 profile image

      Andrea Picarelli 18 months ago from Orlando, Florida

      I can totally relate to this! I definitely do this over and over again with diet and exercise. I have experienced this with my writing as well. Thank you for writing this helpful article as I will give your exercises a try!