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5 Signs of Middle Age Crisis in Men

Updated on November 8, 2011

Sigs of middle age crisis

What signs does middle age crisis show? Men in their middle ages often wants to escape because of the reasons like pressure from family. Is this a kind of disease? Have you reached middle age? Please look at the following 5 signs.

1. Bussiness
For many middle aged men, bussiness is regarded as the most important. If bussiness runs into trouble, they choose to be silent or escape. In addition, because of the oppression he has, he could not relate the relationship of things and make wrong judgement, some even take extreme actions, like to commit suicide to escape from the crisis. Especially when the effect of global financial crisis has not ended, many of the bussiness is falling. As a middle aged man, they would not choose to share or pour out what he has been facing, leaving all the problems to themselves. It forms a vicious cycle and cause some serious outcomes.

2. Pressure from family
If a middle aged man got married early, the child has already grown up or becomes a teenager, the financial burden they have to bear is great. The pressure is the most important reason for causing family changes. Middle aged man would not want to confront with the fact that they are aged, they try to prove through emotional attachment that they still have the power over it. But meanwhile, he does not want to ruin the stability of the family, so they tend to choose one-night stand or spending time in bars etc. His wife maybe undergoing the same crisis as well and the probability of clashes increases and making it a flash point for family change.

3. Learning not updated

Middle aged man has been away from school for a long time, especially they don’t have time for continuous learning or improving themselvs. They tend to cope with problems from family and work with their old knowledge. Under such kind of conditions, their relationship with children may be worse. They get along with their children in a old way prevailed in the early fourties or learned from their parents. The gap generation is too obvious and cause problems with their children. Their knowledge has not been updated in their bussiness and not making progress. The competition from new comers can kick them out easily.

4. Psychological state of escaping
Here we refer to the psychological changes of middle aged men. The menopause of modern people is leaning toward younger group, as a man, his biological menopause influence is not obvious, the more is indicated in psychology. Including negative moods like depression, restlessness, irritability, exhaustion, self-pity, escape, dullness in life. The most serious of them are depression and escape. Different from women, man don’t tell the people around them to get rid of the bad mood. They tend to escape the remarks and reminiscent in their past glory, acquiring satisfaction or escape from the status quo.

Signs of Middle age crisis in men

Signs of Middle age crisis in men
Signs of Middle age crisis in men

5. Enclosed relationship
The crisis in relationship rests on the personal emotional changes and learning abilty. They are satisfied with the status quo, meanwhile repel new things. A middle aged man has the same group of people around him, they have the same kind of mood and learning ability, living in a static environment. It causes to have stubborn and sealed off relationship and entering into a senior ages early.


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