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5 Simple Eating Rules That Will Control Your Hunger

Updated on July 6, 2015

The 5 Eating Habits That Will Control Your Hunger

If your brain is preoccupied with Watching the TV, reading a newspaper, coordinating several activities and body movements, your body is not doing a great jobs sending and receiving the proper signals that tells your body how your body is accepting the food.

Because of this, your bodies hunger and psychological signals that let you body know it is time to stop eating. You can control your eating behavior by following these 5 simple "Eating Rules"

Rule #1: Sit Down When You Eat

Always sit down when you are eat. Lying down, standing, and moving around, compromises the eating process.

Rule #2: One Activity At A Time

When you eat, you should only eat. Do not do any other activity a the time no matter how simple it may be.

Rule #3: Mind Your Eating

When you are eating, "put your mind where your mouth is" . Concentrate on the eating process itself. Be fully aware when you are eating by bringing your full attention to eating. Think about every bite you are taking and every chew you are making, every swallow and feel as it goes down your throat and into your stomach.

Rule #4: One Morsel At A Time

Only take one morsel at a time. Do not take one bite of food without having fully chewed and swallowed the last one. Some people have a tendency to keep food in the sides of their mouth like a squirrel while they place more food in their mouth. Bad idea, Keep your fork, spoon, and knife down until that last bite of food is gone.

Rule #5: Be Relaxed When You Eat

Be relaxed and even joyful when you are eating.If you feel you are tense and uneasy in any part of your body, take a moment and think about why you are tense and try to be relaxed before you start eating

These rules are designed to increase your awareness and self control when you are eating. Your eating behavior plays a big part in how you are able to control your hunger. Everyone has a built-in system which gives them feedback on how much they have eaten and when it is a good idea to stop. As you slowly recover that capability given to you by nature, you will be able to gradually regain control of your hunger.

The Problem With Dieting and Weight Plans

We are a nation that puts a lot of weight on looks and appearances. According to a survey of 333,000 women which was published in glamour magazine. "Feeling fat in a thin society", 75% of women said they felt too fat and 96% said their wieght had an impact on how they felt about themselves.

For about half of the women in this survey, loosing wieght would make them happier than would being more successfull at work or having the 'joy of a relationship. Proper excercise and a good diet are the primary mechanisms by which we are all trying to attain hapiness.

According to Geneen Roth, an acclaimed expert in eating disorders and controlling weight, upwards of 20 million women have weight control issues. 25% of men and 50% percent of all women are dieting constantly.

There is good news and bad news when it comes to dieting. The good news is, that in the short term, there are good results when dieting. The bad news is that nine out of ten people who lose weight when they are on a diet and proceed to gain it back within a year.

On top of that, there will be 30 new dieting plans that come out in the next year. Scientifically speaking, and eating disorders are much more complex issues than simple dieting can fix for the long term. For the overzealous, weight control and dieting can lead to binging, purging, an self starvation.

The Solution to Weight Loss

The answer to healthy and permanent weight loss is regulating eating behavior. The foundation to this approach is how we eat rather than how much we eat. Once we control how we eat, then how much we eat will naturally follow the right path.

Overtime, we tend to develop poor eating habits such as doing several things at the same time we are eating such as reading a newspaper, listing the radio, or watching TV. All of these activities and movements can have a drastic affect on the way our body processes foods and sens the signals to tell our body that we are full or satiated. That is why it is so important to follow the 5 rules of eating that will keep your mind and body in check when it comes to controlling your hunger.


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