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10 Tips for Cutting Calories While Eating Out

Updated on June 3, 2012

I recently read an article about how some self proclaimed cheapskates are able to save hundreds of dollars a year. One woman was proud to announce she saves about $400 per year by eating fast food dollar menu items. While she may be saving money, her diet is certainly not healthy. However, it is possible to eat out affordably and, more importantly, nutritiously. The 10 simple ways below can help you do this.

1. Instead of choosing expensive latte’s, sodas and shakes opt for water or unsweetened tea. You’ll save money and eliminate the high quantity of sugars those other drinks have.

2. Order from the restaurant’s appetizer section instead of choosing from the entree selections. Most restaurants serve a large variety of appetizers that are served in moderate, calorie-saving portions and are less expensive than typical entrees.

3. Eat until satisfied, not until full. Take the rest home and have it for your next meal.

4. Share an entree with a friend or loved one. Don’t be embarrassed to tell the server you’ll be sharing a meal and ask for two plates.

5. Start your meal with a salad. You’ll be fulfilling your daily veggie quota and you’ll be less likely to overeat.

6. Order main dishes that are more vegetable than meat. Meals like kabobs and stir fries are good choices.

7. Opt for the broiled or grilled version of dishes such as broiled fish instead of the deep fried fatty versions.

8. When ordering sandwiches, order whole grain breads instead of white bread. Forego the fatty mayonnaise and substitute it with mustard which is much lower in calories and is reported to have fat-burning qualities.

9. Stay away from all you can eat buffets. They’re usually expensive and encourage overeating.

10. If you decide to order dessert, choose some fresh fruit instead of high calorie cakes and ice cream.


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