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5 Steps To Achieve Your Dreams

Updated on September 26, 2014

Achieve Your Dreams

Discover the 5 steps it takes to actually achieve your dreams. They are pretty simple and for the most part common sense though few will actually follow through and realize their dreams.

How about you, are you willing to do what it takes so that you can live the life you wish to live?

There are many books and videos around that can help you fine tune what it is that you want out of life. They will even give you strategies to achieve those goals. The bottom line is that only you can do what needs to be done to actually realize those goals that you wish to achieve.

Change Happens


A New Beginning

Today I begin a new journey. A journey to achieve my dream of health and prosperity. I recently have joined a network marketing company that is dedicated to healthy food options that are green and include no GMOs. The author of the Green Foods Bible, David Sandoval is the man behind this company and the foods are all organically grown and minimally processed so as to maintain their nutritional value. You can find out more about this company by texting the word purium to 55678. The redemption code for the $50 gift card is bewellandprosper.

Let's go through these 5 steps together:

State Your Goal/Purpose:

I will advance one rank per month with this company by sharing the question, "Have you heard about the 10 Day Celebrity Transformation?" and sharing gift cards. So as to help the maximum number of people regain their health.

Break it into Actionable Pieces:

  • I will share 50 cards per month with real people
  • I will set up Ram campaigns around keywords that are related to the products and their benefits
  • I will put vinyl lettering on my car to advertise
  • I will be a product of the product
  • I will find two people who are local to my area to hold Healthy Happy hours with so this can be a fun venture

Add A Deadline:

  • Share 50 cards - starting Oct 1 (when I actually get my first set up cards) I will pass them out each month
  • I will build 2 complete campaigns per month around keywords that I can rank in Google for.
  • I will order the vinyl letters today
  • I have already started using the products and LOVE them.
  • Starting today I will contact local friends that might be interested in joining me on the adventure until I find two that what to get healthy and help others do the same.

Get Organized:

So today I need to find a place and order the car lettering, continue documenting my products progress, talk to people who are local about the opportunity/products and each Tuesday and Thursday I need to put together one campaign.

The Future Visualized:

It is October 1, 2015 the air is crisp as it seeps in through my window. As I sip my warm chai and look over my stats page for my company I am pleased to note that I am now the rank of 2-star crown. As I think back over how I got here I remember how I brought three people in and helped them get three people. As we continued to do this simple sharing method our organization grew to this point. I am satisfied and have found memories of the journey.


EFT Tapping Into Wealth

Margaret Lynch is one of my favorite EFT coaches. Part of getting what you want out of life has to do with clearing out old, useless thoughts, vows, and junk from your subconscious. In order to allow good things to flow into your life you need to be centered.

While many might poo poo EFT or emotional freedom techinique as ineffective I have found that it is extremely helpful for clearing out old ways of thinking and even bringing to light the junk that stops creativity and progress towards allowing your gifts to shine.

Margaret Lynch's Tapping into Wealth is a great place to start. The following video explains what your program entails. I have gone through this book/program and have found so many areas that have needed clearing.

While the law of attraction is real, just wanting/hoping for things, money, outcomes is not enough. Everything is energy. The energy we put out is the energy we get back.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with EFT. Have you heard of it before or is it totally new to you? Do you see how it can help you achieve your dreams? (even if those dreams are not necessarily about money)

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