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5 Steps to get out of your Comfort Zone

Updated on April 19, 2020

Did it ever happen to you to be stuck at one point, to be lost in space and to not know what to do next? Be sure you are not the only one in this world who has suffered it. We all suffer from this, including me. Let's teach you five ways not to lose hope that something good can come out of you, and to move on this bad period.

Step 1- Ask yourself what you are doing right now

Yes, I know you are probably watching Netflix all day long, or staring at your walls wondering what's wrong with you, but hey, that doesn't mean you're completely lost. So…what are you doing right now? Write it down.

Now, do you see yourself doing this for over a month, and over a year or two?

-If yes is your answer, it’s perfect, you are on the right track and most likely you clicked on this article by mistake or curiosity.

-If not, then this is a problem. Something is wrong. Write down on a sheet with the title “Bad things” and stick it on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on the TV, and on the ceiling in the bedroom to remind you everyday that you need to stop from do it again. Make sure that you write them down on a red postcard, you’ll see immediately why.

Step 2- Ask yourself what you would like to do

You heard me right. Ask yourself about things you love the most. It must be something you even like. I don't know, to eat, to ride a bike, to take pictures, to walk the dog, things that come to your mind righ now. Take your time, I’ll wait. Don't rush. Ready? Not? Okay, let's wait a little longer. Research well in every corner of your mind, remember what you liked to do as a child and it brought you happiness.

Write them all down on a green postcard with the title “Good things” and stick them in the places mentioned above. Now whatever you do, you will be surrounded by your thoughts. What needles do you like to do, and what needles do you do too often and you wouldn't want to continue with that.

Step 3- Don't lose hope

Your mind will associate that red is wrong and green is good. You will gradually begin to gain the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do the things you truly enjoy. Once you start this process, don't get lost along the way. Don't lose hope, and whatever you do, DON'T GO BACK TO OLD HABITS.

Yes, most likely you will return to them and resume the process, but hey, after the tenth attempt you will hold on tight, you will grit your teeth, and you will stay on the right path.

Now that you are on the right track, you are full of hope and enthusiasm, you see that life is beautiful and stuff like that, think hard about the path you want to follow next. Make a plan about what you want to do until your death, as a kind of scenario of your own life. For example, look at your elderly relatives. Ask them if their life was happy, and if they would change anything about it. Don't lose hope, you have enough time to analyze things, and you will certainly not miss the details you like.

Step 4- Follow your path

Make a blue list, like some kind of wish board, frame it, and put it on the wall. That's the scenario of your life. Make sure the protagonist has a happy ending, so read it every day and make it happen. You’ll find ways to do this. Every time you eat a cake, ask yourself if that eaten cake brings you closer to your desires. Every time you buy a pair of new jeans, think about whether it helps with your wishes.

Make that list your God. Think about it, and if you don't respect it properly, imagine that tomorrow an UFO full of angry aliens will come to the Earth to exterminate us all. You guessed it, the only thing that can save us from extinction is your God (I mean your magic list dummy). Now, you don't want us all to die, do you? I mean, you might not think of yourself, but think of me, our families and Beyonce. You just don't want Beyonce to die, do you?

Step 5- Enjoy

Now that you have stopped doing boring and meaningless things, you have noted daily activities that will make you feel happier, you have studied all your elderly relatives whether they have had a happy life or not, you made the script for your own life and you didn't kill Beyonce, enjoy your transition process towards the life of your dreams.

In the hard times, think that everything is worth it, that the life before that didn’t make you happy. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to read this until now, if your life was already perfect, right? I mean, Kylie Jenner wouldn't have even bothered to read this, she was worried about taking pictures next to her new Ferrari. Think about it, even Beyonce will thank you for saving her from death, isn’t this wonderful?

I’m sure you’ll make this out, and you’ll be happy that you moved from the couch for getting the courage to live your life to the fullest. Crazy things happen every day, make your days crazier than ever, and enjoy every little moment.

I hope that this article was helpful to you, and it brought a little smile on your face. I would like to stay more in the discussion, but I'm going to read my own magic wish board, and I'm going to like it. Cheers.


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