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5 Things That Don't Change From Your Teens To Your 20's.

Updated on February 17, 2016

1. Your Favorite Shoes.

A comfy pair of converse win every time. You can wear them with a dress, suite, or jeans at any age and any time. You see them associated with teens a lot. There's a classic image you get when you hear the word "teenager". Ripped jeans, chipped nail polish, smudged eye shadow, and converse with scribbling on the rubber tips. Let me tell you that no matter how old you get, the love affair with sneakers continues. And this goes for guys and girls. I've seen guys much older than 20's rocking their dress shirt with jeans and converse. Rock on people!

2. Beanies.

Beanies are a life saver! Well, they're at least a bad hair day save. It doesn't matter how you looked when you rolled out of bed this morning. Just stick on your favorite beanie and ta da, you look instantly amazing and cool!

3. Staying Up Late.

I know you continually swear that you're going to go to bed early and get on a responsible schedule. Going to bed early would make you less tired in the mornings at work, more aware during classes, and help you cut down on your coffee intake. All these things would be great except there's one problem. You're sleepy all day up until it's time to go to bed. Bedtime becomes electronics time. This habit doesn't change when you get older, just the awareness of how dysfunctional it is.

4. Your Future.

Growing up you've always had an idea of who you would be when you were "grown up". And now here you are in your 20's and you still don't have life figured out. You suddenly realize that your future is the here and now, yet things aren't as together as you had pictured. Just a heads up, you're never going to figure everything out. You have to continually work to better yourself and you're life, but you can't always be living out of the moment. Roll with the punches and keep smiling.

5. Your Diet.

Your diet is another thing that you keep swearing you're going to get better at. You keep telling yourself to eat more veggies and hit the gym more often. But, then the devil on your shoulder tells you that you're young, stressed out, and deserve that candy bar. You actually can get better at this. Just make realistic goals and allow yourself to binge every once in a while. Also find an exercise that you enjoy. It doesn't have to be the gym. It can be biking, swimming, basket ball, etc.


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