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5 Things You Didn't Know Cure Acne

Updated on November 4, 2012

Before you run to your nearest pharmacy or even contemplate calling your doctor to get a referral to a dermatologist stop and consider a few things...

After a lifelong struggle with acne, I finally realized at the age of 30 that this is more than just a teenage hormonal problem. Since it has followed me through my teens as early as age thirteen while also adorning my face throughout my thirties, I am starting to question the myths I have been receiving by so-called health professionals, my parents and society regarding acne.

Acne Myth #1

"It's your teenage hormones causing your acne, it will go away!"

That's interesting. In fact, everyone that I knew in high school who had acne then also has adult acne now. If your skin is the type to breakout it will continue to do so for a very long period of your life. the reason I say, "the type," is because there are so many people that rarely or never get acne at all. First you need to swallow your pride and accept this fact about your skin.

Acne Myth #2

"Your pimples will go away after your period."

Unfortunately, if you are the type to breakout before your period you are also 100% prone to breakout anytime after your period. It is true however, breakouts can be more severe before the unset of menstruation but a random whitehead that appears on your chin before a major event or a test could also occur.

Acne Myth #3

"If you cleaned your face good enough, you wouldn't have acne."

I remember a so-called friend once told me that if I was "cleaner," and washed my face the right way, I wouldn't have any pimples. I was so insulted. To be accused of having bad hygeine because you have acne just makes your plummeting self-esteem sink even lower.You can scrub your face raw with the harshest soap, and your acne will persist. In most cases, it will actually get worse! Don't believe the hype. Although friends and family may have good intentions they are clueless when it comes to the true culprits of acne.

I am sure if you suffer from acne, you have heard the above disturbing comments and suggestions far to often. Are you ready for some real advice that will change your life? With over 17 years of battling acne and seeing amazing results, I present to you... The ultimate acne arsenal! 5 Things You Didn't Know Cure Acne.

#1. Know Thy Skin!

We are all unique individuals. We all have different DNA and different skin. Today, I encourage you to start your skin diary. Grab a notebook and right about your love hate relationship with your skin and most of all what has worked and what has not. Document new products that you use and how they affected your skin. Also, share your feelings in your diary about how acne has affected your life. This is therapeutic and a good way to release bad feelings.

#2 Change Your Diet

What do you eat? What have you been eating since your first acne breakout? It is not fair that some people can eat whatever they want and never breakout, but this is not the case for acne prone individuals. Vitamin deficiency affects your skin tremendously. You need to eat plant based foods and eliminate processed and sugary foods. I was a sugar-addict. I was vitamin deprived and deficient in every way possible. I loved junk food. I switched my diet to include a daily salad, fresh fruits and plenty of water. If you want clear skin you MUST change your diet. I recommend the book, "Eat to Live" by

#3 Develop a Stress Management Routine

Acne prone people seem to have major acne flare-ups when confronted with stress. Stress takes a toll on the immune system. It can even temporarily shut it down or cause it to attack organs in the body. In this case it would be your skin! Stress affects the adrenal glands which directly affects the skin. It is crucial to develop a stress management routine you can practice for the rest of your life. Base your routine on your personal interest, here are some suggestions that have worked for others:

1. Exercise

2. Dancing

3. Yoga

4. Walking

5. Doing what you love!

6. Running

7. Meditating

8. Spirituality and prayer

#4 Develop a Daily Skin regimen

After you brush your teeth every night and every morning, you should have a 3-step regimen in place that cleanses, prevents acne, prevents aging and hydrates your skin. I have experimented with every prescription acne cream, every Clean and Clear product, Neutrogena, and the list goes on. None of it worked! My acne would get worse. All these cheap products made my skin very dry and irritated. I needed a product that fights acne, fights aging (I already have a fine line on my forehead) and doesn't dry out and irritate my skin. After extensive internet research I decided to try Dr. Murad. I was skeptical because as I mentioned earlier nothing was working for me. I walked into Ulta and I paid over $200 on Doctor Murad products. It's a pretty penny to pay but I am worth it! Here is what I purchased:

1. Dr. Murad Acne & Aging Solution

2. Dr Murad's Age defying cleanser

3. Dr. Murad's Day Moisturizer with SPF 30 wide spectrum

4. Dr. Murad's Night- time moisturizer.

5. Dr. Murad's skin Clearing Vitamins

Your 3 step regimen must consist of a cleanser, acne fighter, and a moisturizer. My results with the Dr. Murad products. Nothing short of astonishing! I was so happy I could almost cry. My skin has never, ever been more soft and smooth. My breakouts have reduced 40% in just 3 weeks. I feel amazing, I look amazing. I watched those infomercial just as skeptical as anyone else. I didn't believe nothing could get rid of my acne. I am very impressed with these products. Acne fighting skin regimen that also reduces the signs of aging in one bottle? A moisturizer that leaves your skin soft as a baby's behind? Just look at my before and after pictures! Find a product you love that works for your skin. Go to Ulta or a store with decent products and be prepared to pay a few dollars. Excellent skin care products are not cheap.

Tip: There are skin care samples for most of the expensive skin care products that are a fraction of the price of the full product. This is an excellent way to try a product to see if it will work for you.

#5 Take Vitamins That Optimize Skin and cell health

After watching Food Inc. and Forks over Knives, I learned that even the fruit and vegetable we eat only have half the nutrients they used to have 50 years ago. This is because our soil lacks the minerals it used to have and it is therefore harvesting nutrient deficient fruit. As a result, even if you eat plenty of fruits and veggies, you still have to take a multi-vitamin. Along with the multi-vitamin, it is essential to add extra vitamins that help optimize cell and skin health. What are the vitamins you should take and it what dosage to help develop clear skin?

1. Vitamin A deficiency can cause acne. 10,000 units a day of vitamin A should restore any vitamin A deficiency.

2. Vitamin E deficiency can effect skin health. 480 units a day of Vitamin E will get you on your way to healthy skin.

3. B Complex vitamins. All of the B vitamins, B6 and B12 will help regulate skin and increase the skin's defenses.

4. Vitamin C is key to healthy skin and cell function. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and regulates it so that it can fight off the acne causing bacteria. Recommended dose for clear skin? 560 mg daily.

What do I use? As mentioned earlier. I use Dr. Murad's Pure Skin* Clarifying Dietary Supplement. While I do not particularly enjoy taking pills, I hate giant, disgusting tasting vitamins. I gag every time I try to swallow one and it always seems to go down the wrong tube in my throat. However, for the sake of my skin I take the pills. I cut them up into two pieces with a pill cutter and swallow them down with a high pulp orange juice.

Tip: Do you breakout more before the onset of your period? Two weeks before your period begins, take 400 mg of Magnesium daily. This will help reduce period causing breakouts, and also minimize cramping and other symptoms associated with PMS.

I sincerely hope that this article gives some light and hope to those of us plagued by acne. For those of us who only had one wish, and that is clear skin. For those of us who always wondered how they would look without acne. It is an ugly condition and it can only be defeated with commitment and sacrifice We must manage stress in our lives, we must eat healthy and we must invest in products that talk the talk and walk the walk. Love yourself, take care of yourself and good luck to those of you on the journey to clear and healthy skin!


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