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5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing With Your Eyes

Updated on July 6, 2015

Close your eyes and try imagining as if you have never seen anything in this world. It’s likely that you would not have an idea what it feels like. Eyes are an integral part of the human body. They help the human body to perform various tasks with absolute coordination. In their absence, an individual would find immense difficulty in viewing the beauty of this world. This explains why you should always follow eye care tips suggested by eye care specialists.

On a regular basis, we engage in certain activities that are not good for health of our eyes. Most of us do these activities; often times, without even consciously thinking about them. Below-mentioned are some of these activities/habits:

Prolong Use Of Computer Or Smartphone

Continuously staring on the desktop or Smartphone causes severe stress on your eyes, especially if this lasts for many hours at a stretch. It is ideally recommended to look away after ever 20 minutes. This is one of the most common tips offered by eye care centers that you should always remember. This would give your eyes the much-required break. You can also consider decreasing the brightness and contrast of your system to put lesser strain on the eyes.

Watching TV in Dark:

Looking at any sort of screen before heading to sleep in the dark, including Smartphone, laptop, desktop, television, and tab, is absolutely bad for your eyes. The levels of light continuously change, which can lead to eyestrain, pain, dry eye, headaches, and redness. So, if you do plan to use these things at night, then consider switching on the light.

Haphazard Use Of Contact Lenses

We get it- you’re late to home from the office and extremely tired. But, that can’t be an excuse for not removing your contact lenses before sleep. Not only does this enhance the chances of an infection, but it can also lead to a lasting damage to your eyes. Approximately one million Americans visit their doctors every year for getting treatment from infections caused due to irregular use of contact lenses.

Rubbing your eyes:

Most of us are in a habit to rub eyes when there are itching. It might be tempting, but you should sincerely avoid this habit. Rubbing your eyes extremely hard can potentially break the blood vessels under your eyelids. If there’s continuous itching in your eyes, then instead of rubbing them, you should look for eye care associations, as they can help you with a myriad range of eye problems with ease.

UV Protection:

You might be applying loads of sunscreen before heading out in the scorching heat, but do you take same amount of care for your eyes? While purchasing sunglasses, you should always ensure that they have UV protection. Thereafter, you should make sure to wear them every time you step out of house during daylight. This will protect you from the harmful UV rays.

These small eye care tips can go a long way in protecting your eyes in the long run. You should also consult your eye care specialist for getting additional suggestions.


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