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5 Things that Will Help Your Autistic Toddler

Updated on March 15, 2012

As the father of a son with autism I know how hard and disappointing it can be when there seems to be no progress. In my search to try and find ways of helping him along I have come across a lot of great people that have done some wonderful things with their autistic kids to help them focus better. Although not all of these work for everyone but the ones that I have implemented in my son has shown some very significant improvements.

Here are some of the therapies/treatments that have been successful many times over in recovering autistic children and they have helped my son as well.

1. Methyl b12 supplement – There are many different vitamins and minerals that the body needs to have on a regular basis. One of them is B12, because it is great at helping eliminate the toxins in the body. Autistic children’s bodies seem to have a limited amount of reserves and quickly build p toxins in the body. So, it has been proven that given Autistic children B12 shots as a supplement is a great way to help him remove those access toxins that may be inhibiting the brain from developing.

2. Liquid Multivitamin with borage and fish oils – The liquid multivitamin can be purchased at most health food stores and is a great way to help a developing autistic child. It has many benefits that help them in food digestion, removal of toxins, and brain activity. It has been found that those children that take regular multivitamins can aid in learning and language skills.

3. Get rid of toxins! – The biggest thing that has been shown to increase Autism is the onset of toxins. These toxins that are present in the body for some reason are not as easily removed by autistic children. So whenever you shop make sure that it contains all natural supplements. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats whenever you can. Install a water filtration system in your home to remove the chemicals from water. When he takes a bath use Epsom salts to help with additional toxins on the skin. All of these things will help your autistic childe develop better.

4. Melatonin supplement – Many children on the autism spectrum have a hard time sleeping at night. Their brain is on overdrive and it will keep them awake. When they are not sleeping well they can become more susceptible to viruses and colds. But, with a proper melatonin supplement it can help them relax and sleep through the night. Melatonin in also has another added benefit of toxin removal.

5. Gluten/Dairy free diets – one of the largest improvements that I have seen in my son was when we decided to try a new diet. This new diet is a gluten, casein, and dairy free diet. It has been seen by many parents and doctors that many autistic children cannot tolerate the gluten on their diet. Their bodies tend not t o be able to breakdown the basics of it. So, many parents with autistic children have removed this from their children’s diets. Stick with the fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats they contain no gluten. Today there is such high demand for gluten free foods that the variety for them is increasing daily. When I go to the grocery store I find all kinds of new products. Using casein free milk like soy, rice, or almond milk will allow you to still cook with these products. This diet has increased the immune system in our son and we have seen significant improvements with his learning and language abilities.

Raising an autistic child is not an easy thing to do. There will be days were it seems like you are back to square one. You can’t control everything that goes into his body but you can reduce a lot of problems by sticking with what you can. With these simple 5 suggestions are son has already astounded doctors with how far he has come.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    thanks autism is a growing issues among todays chlidern we need to raise more awarness of it thanks!

  • prasetio30 profile image


    6 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Very informative hub and well written. You have useful tips to help autistic todller. I hope many parents will read this information. Thanks for share with us. Good job and rated up!



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