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5 Things You Should Do When Life Knocks You Down.

Updated on September 10, 2013

Life- I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

Ever wonder how some people in spite of insurmountable odds go on to live extraordinary lives of personal success and notoriety? How do they do it? Well the truth is there’s nothing supernatural or superhuman about these individuals. The difference lies in how they view their current set of circumstances (victim or victor). If you break down all the qualities of successful people, the most important and core quality within them all is their ability to keep moving forward. In spite of the seemingly unbearable and (monumental) circumstances that are unraveling in front of their very eyes.

I’m going to share 5 techniques that I have repeatedly found synonymous in successful people and instrumental in my own life journey. Here are five techniques any one can implement today to create immediate results toward the change they wish to see in their life.

# 1 Get Clear- Find a quite place just you your mind and a note pad. Spend a few minutes enjoying the silence preferably at a park or quite room away from distractions. Let your mind relax ‘just relax” and let go of all stress, anxiety, tension and uncertainty. Once you’re relaxed and feel you’re ready, examine what is the underlying cause of your discomfort. Note, I said underlying not all of the subcategories that can be linked to the problem, just the root problem (write it down). Once you’ve figured that out, think about where you want to be in regards to this problem and also write it down. Once you’ve answered those two questions think really hard about some things you can actually do to move toward were you want to be, no matter how small or insignificant you may think write them down.

# 2 Get motivated- Break out the old motivational CDs you bought 10 years ago or check out one of the many motivational and empowerment speakers online for free on U tube. Whether you believe their story or reasoning for why they do what they do, chances are there is something that you can take from their “words of wisdom”. Words that help inspire, trigger a bigger thought or resonate with you in your own personal journey. Some of my personal favorites in this area are Anthony Robbins, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, Steve Mariboli and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

# 3 Get healthy- You don’t have to be Tour De France healthy just healthier than you are today. A little goes a long way 5 to 15 minutes a day until you can program yourself to dedicate more. Jog in place for one minute, do a few pushups as many as you can do, then do a few sit ups start with 5 if you have to, but be consistent daily. We all can take 5 minutes out of our busy day to feel good. The question is will you?

# 4 Take action- NOW not later, not tomorrow, but right now! Read the first paragraph of that relationship book or blog. Google those colleges or schools in your area, find an article about starting that new business. Whatever it is take action now; little steps build momentum, and give you the confidence and direction to keep taking action. Just like a staircase one small step leads to another and so on, just take the first step, and don’t stop moving.

# 5 Seek like minded people- Join a club, a meet up group, or call an old friend that you haven’t spoke with in a while. Make sure he or she is in alignment with your present goals and beliefs. (Caution: Stay clear of negative and energy depleting people). Like minded people not only serve the purpose of emotional support, fresh ideas, and opportunities for networking, but also provide an outside viewpoint of your current situation. Fixing problems in your career, parenting or any other relationship cannot be accomplished from the biased and unchallenged point of view of your own mind. You must get out of your head and bounce those beliefs and understandings off someone who can give you feed back from another perspective. In surrounding yourself with like minded people you will develop a support system that can inspire, change, uplift and encourage you to take the next step on your journey.

Well there you have it, five things that will immediately take you from stuck, unclear and un-motivated to the path less traveled, the path of fulfillment and success!!


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