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5 Tips on How to make your Child take Vitamins

Updated on July 19, 2015

Making a child drink his or her vitamins is really a nightmare to us mothers. We end up doing silly things just to make our kids drink their vitamins. It's like an everyday experiment and never-ending battle, trying different things and different ways on how to convince them take those supplements. So let's try to see if the steps below will work on your kids. Don't forget that these are personal tips based on my experience so make sure you consult your pediatrician for an expert opinion.

5 Tips on How to make your child take vitamins

First, research on vitamins that have a nice taste, effective, and not costly. It is important that we look for a good-tasting vitamins by asking other moms, kids who have tried those vitamins, or better yet, your pediatrician. There are chewable vitamins available in the market as well, which look like candies for kids.

Second, talk to your child. You can start a casual conversation about health and the importance of taking vitamins. You can show some slides over the internet to make it more interesting. Making them aware of the importance of vitamins will play a good role in convincing them to take it.

Third, involve your child in choosing vitamins. You can bring your child in a store and show the choices he/she have and let him/her decide what vitamin he/she wants. Well, of course, since you've already done your research, you can trim down the choices to those good-tasting vitamins. That way, they will feel that they made the choice and it's not something that we just want them to take.

Fourth, post a schedule on when to drink the vitamins on the fridge door, or your child's room, wherever it would be effectively seen by your kid. It's also best if you have your child do the scheduling, or at least, make him/her write it for you to make it more exciting. This will give them a feeling that they are responsible for taking their vitamins.

Fifth, don't force it. It's important not to make him/her feel that you're not forcing him/her to drink it. Be patient, by explaining the importance of taking vitamins and by involving them in every steps stated above.


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