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5 Tips for Your Leg Day Workout

Updated on April 18, 2016

Having amazing legs and a great booty are the ever-coveted goals of almost any gym-goer. The infamous leg day has become so popular it has its own memes, hashtags and webpages. All around the world, people are worshiping toned quads and hammies, paired with a peach like posterior. So before we all flock to the squat rack, what exactly should we be doing to ensure we are getting the most benefit from our hump day training sessions?

While there are dozens of leg-day myths and practices, all training gurus can agree on these simple steps to building a back end that will stop ‘em dead in their tracks.

#1. Feed Your Muscles

Before you even lace up those sneakers, make sure you’ve got the right fuel to power you through any leg day workout. Many athletes eat a little more on designated leg day. This can be either before or after your workout. Before hand, you want to make sure you’re getting enough energy rich foods, in the post-workout its rejuvenating carbs, proteins and hydration. Those large leg muscle require much more than any other part of your body.

#2. Set Goals for Your Legs and Glutes

Jumping into a leg day workout, or series of workouts without specific goals can leave you feeling defeated and unsuccessful after a brutal workout. Before you run to the leg press, decide what sort of outcome you are wanting for your lower half. Your goals will dictate your training, long lean leans require more volume training, while power and strength need heavier weights. Keep track of your goals and keep that in mind every time leg day rolls around.

#3. Write It Out

As with any workout, you want to make a game plan. Write out your intended exercises, number of reps, and even goal weight if lifting, to help keep you on track in the gym. Keeping a notepad to track your previous exercise achievements can help motivate you to push harder the next time you do that some movement.

#4. Mix It Up

To keep from getting bored when in the gym, be sure to mix up your leg day routine. There are many ways to fulfill your leg day goals, be sure to incorporate several methods of training to achieve a wide range of glute and leg strength. This can involve anything from plyo’s, stretching, cardio and strength training.

#5. Consistence is Key

As with any goal we have for ourselves, consistency is the best way to achieve them. Staying focused and motivated every gym session is crucial to find success. Whether you need to leave yourself little reminders or listen to your favorite song before a workout, putting in effort every single workout is mandatory even if you are not training legs.

As with any other part of your body, training your legs can be a long, drawn out process. You may not see results every day, but making sure you are getting the most out of your training will help those changes and increase your abilities. Before you step on the gym floor always have a plan, be well feed and track your workouts, afterwards be sure to feed your muscles and plan for the next session.


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