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5 Tips for an Instantly Healthier Lifestyle

Updated on August 6, 2015
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photo credit: Yoga, double exposure via photopin (license)
photo credit: Yoga, double exposure via photopin (license) | Source

These days we are constantly bombarded with news stories, documentaries and adverts telling us that we need to be healthier. While being true in a lot of cases, our need to improve our health doesn’t mean that we must flog ourselves at the gym and only ever eat salads. The truth is, you can be healthy just by making some small tweaks in your daily routine. These minor adjustments won’t just make you healthier, but happier too.

1. Use Your Mornings

Getting up early can seem like an unnecessary chore, especially if you have to go to work. But in actual fact it can be really important for a healthy lifestyle. Using your mornings to do something constructive – go for a walk, tidy up a little or even just plan your day – goes a long way to helping you improve your lifestyle. Using the time in the morning wisely not only allows you to feel like you have more time to yourself, but it also helps to motivate you. When you know you are in control of your sleeping pattern you tend to take control of other aspects of your life. Whether you want to make the effort to gain a promotion, become self-employed or just get fit, this feeling of control that you can achieve just by using your mornings will motivate you to make other life-improvements. Just by simply doing more with your day means that you will get more exercise, eat at the proper times, and organise yourself, which all start you on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

2. Walk for at Least 30 Minutes a Day

It can be difficult to find time to exercise when you are busy, but exercising does not mean running a marathon or cross-training ‘til you drop. Simply walking for half an hour every day can make significant improvements to your health. Whether you use the time in the mornings, go out at lunch time or walk home from work, if you can walk briskly enough to raise your heart rate for just thirty minutes every day you will notice an improvement in your fitness. Once you begin to take heed of these small improvements, you will gain the motivation to try to gain your fitness steadily.

Most people who give up going to the gym do so because they try to do too much too soon. You don’t need to spend the money on a gym membership, you just need to set yourself on the gradual course to a healthier overall lifestyle – the rest will follow.

photo credit: I have a dream too.. To be successful someday.. via photopin (license)
photo credit: I have a dream too.. To be successful someday.. via photopin (license) | Source

3. Keep Your House Tidy

When you are living with clutter it is very easy to get into a mind-set that is accepting of it, or to keep saying to yourself you’ll tidy it later. Living in an untidy house, however, is actually a demotivating factor in your life. Living in clutter is a sign that you are not in control of your environment, and when you’re not in control of where you live, you begin to lose control of other aspects of your life. Take things you don’t need to a charity shop and throw out the broken or useless stuff. A tidy house allows you to have uncluttered thoughts, which is an important step in creating a better state of mind and improving your mental well-being.

4. Cook Meals from Scratch

Cooking is another part of life that people seem to have less and less time for these days. It is very easy to just grab a ready-meal or a take-away and think you are freeing up some time for yourself. The truth is, however, that you’re probably not gaining all that much time. Cooking doesn’t have to be a long process. Many meals only take fifteen or twenty minutes to cook and you don’t need to create too much washing up. One or two pot meals like spaghetti Bolognese, chilli con carne, risotto or curry can be done very efficiently and healthily. If you cook your meals from scratch you are also cutting out all the salt, sugar and other unnecessary additives from your diet, which will give you more energy. You will often have leftovers too, meaning that the next day’s lunch is covered, saving you time and money!

photo credit: Vegan noodles - Fideos chinos veganos - Noodles amb verdures. via photopin (license)
photo credit: Vegan noodles - Fideos chinos veganos - Noodles amb verdures. via photopin (license)

5. Cut Down on the Booze

Friday night is wine night, right? And once you open the bottle you have to finish it? This isn’t such a great idea. Drinking a whole bottle of wine will make you lethargic the next day, which will stop you from getting up, using your morning, exercising and eating well. In fact too much wine is the enemy of all the minor adjustments you can make for a healthier lifestyle. Sure, the wine will sour if you leave it in an opened bottle, but you can buy little wine bottle vacuum pumps very cheaply that will save your wine from spoiling. Restricting your alcohol intake doesn’t sound like much fun, but once you get into the routine of living healthier you will find that you create far more fun for yourself than just sitting on your couch, drinking. Your weekends will become active. You will have more energy and therefore want to go out on daytrips, take up a sport or start a new hobby, which are all great for your physical and mental health.

You Can Do It!

So, setting off on a healthier way of life does not have to be a daunting prospect. Just following these simple steps will help you take control of your own routines, which will enable and empower you. Once you feel like you are in control of all these different aspects of your life you will feel more energetic, more confident and less like life is just something that happens to you while you do other things. Your job will cease defining who you are and you will have more time to do the things that you want to do. And, of course, you will become healthier and happier.

Do you have any more ideas on how to instantly improve your lifestyle? Why not leave it in the comment section?

© 2015 Jonathan M J Henderson


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