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5 Tips to Help You Drink More Water on a Daily Basis

Updated on July 1, 2012

Drink Water

Drink Water
Drink Water

Get More Water

Thirst for Water
Thirst for Water

More Water, Feel Healthier


Stay Hydrated

It can be difficult to incorporate plenty of water in to your daily diet. Especially if you do not like the taste. However, it is very important for you to drink at least 2 litres of water on a daily basis to keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can lead to headaches, infection, tiredness, slugglisness and even obesity. Sometimes we might feel hungry when really we are craving water, replacing sodas with water can help you to curb your sugar cravings, and it can lead to weight loss. Use some of these simple tips to help you to drink more water on a daily basis.

Set an Alarm

Sometimes the reason people do not get enough water is due to the fact that they forget. You do not have to find yourself forgetting to drink water every day. It is as easy as setting an alarm to make sure you remember. You can set an alarm every hour on your phone to ensure that you remember to at least take a sip of water. So, if you do not have a mobile phone set an alarm on your watch or buy a stopwatch.

Get a Water Filter

Water filters are readily available now, you can either go for an expensive water filter that attaches to your tap. Or, you can go for a jug water filter that is relatively cheap to buy. Some people say they don't drink enough water because they find it difficult to afford so much bottled water. However, if you do not have to buy water, if you get a water filter tap water is perfectly safe to drink. So invest in a simple water filter, and get drinking!

Add Flavour

If you find yourself hating the taste of water, then you can add some flavour. A slice of lemon, honey or even some freshly squeezed orange juice can help to enhance the taste of water. Try this method and you could find yourself drinking more water than ever.

Buy a Water Bottle

Having a water bottle filled up with your daily recommended amount of water can make it easier to drink it. Get a half gallon bottle if you need to drink that much, and get a gallon bottle if you need to drink that amount. You can also split your water intake into several smaller bottles to drink throughout the day.

Good luck!


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    • internpete profile image

      Peter V 5 years ago from At the Beach in Florida

      Great tips! Drinking enough water is very important, and I have to remind myself to drink more! Making the water taste good is a great tip. Voted up!