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How to lose weight in the year 2013.

Updated on January 8, 2013

Losing weight can be quite a difficult thing to accomplish and gets even harder as you get older! On this hub page, I have compiled my top 5 tips for losing weight.

Weight Loss Tip 1: Eat Sensibly.

It is essential that you take control of what you are eating, and have a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fish, vegetables and fruit. Make sure you have 3 sensible meals today, and cut out all snacking between meals. On your breakfast cereal you could start using skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, instead of full fat milk. If you have toast in the morning, try having margarine instead of butter.

For your main meal of the day, either at lunch or in the evening, make sure you don’t over eat by having large portions. Remember there is no need to eat all your food on your plate if you are feeling full. Also, make sure your last meal of the day isn’t too late. You should eat your last meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed, otherwise you will not burn off the calories, and this will turn into fat.

Weight Loss Tip 2: Make exercising fun.

Exercising is an essential part of losing weight. You can do this in a variety of ways, without having to go down to the gym everyday! Try to do some physical exercise at least every other day (it is also important to let your body recover from exercise), and make you enjoy your exercising as much as possible.

Playing a game of 5-a-side football is much more fun than spending an hour down the gym on the running machine. Also, take a look at the fitness classes at your local gym or leisure centre. Circuit class is one of my favourites, as you get to tone up your whole body, as well as doing plenty of running! Remember, you only get out, what you put in.

If physical exercise is too much for you, then do lighter forms of exercising, such as walking or cycling. If you allow extra time, then you could include walking and cycling in you daily routine of going to the shops or work, instead of driving your car.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Drink less alcohol.

There are around 200 calories in the average pint of beer or lager – so if you are a big drinker than you need to start cutting back right now! You could start by stopping weekday drinking, and limit drinking just at the weekend. There are now lots of low calorie lagers, such as Coors Light, which still have a great taste.

Also, cut back on your sugary soft drinks. For example, drink diet coke instead of regular coke. Or better still try having a glass of water!

Weight Loss Tip 4: Get your partner to stop buying you junk food!

The easiest times of my life for losing weight have been when I was single! When you are dating, you tend to eat out more, and go to all the wrong types of places. When going to the cinema, try to resist all the temptations of chocolate, popcorn and crisps they have for sale. If your partner buys you sweets, say thank you, and tell them kindly that you are on a strict diet. Or if you haven’t got the courage to say no, give the chocolate away to your niece or nephew after your partner has left.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Be Head Strong!

Losing weight is a difficult process, and takes a lot of time and effort. If you follow these simple steps above, then you should see a gradual loss of weight. However, don’t expect to lose a stone a week, even losing a pound a week is good progress. Stay focussed on your diet and exercising, and try to resist all outside temptations. Its not easy, but the end results will be great. You will look much better, have more energy, and you will feel much happier about your life in general :-) Good luck!


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