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5 Alternate Ways to Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis

Updated on August 7, 2020
Danny Fernandes profile image

My obsession with wellness and exercise led me to write on health topics.Chinese believe that lung power is extremely important for wellness

Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Sketch
Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Sketch | Source

Pulmonary Fibrosis: The Silent Monster

Pulmonary Fibrosis looks nascent and subtle, but it should not be taken easily. This is a condition in which your lung tissues get hardened, making your breathing heavier and denser.

There is a gradual development of scars in the lungs, which blocks the air sacs and alveoli leading to lower airflow. If not treated, it leads to deterioration in your wellness.

Treatment using puff shots and antibiotics can be life long or for a longer duration. Thickened tissues in lungs interfere in its normal functioning, leading to shortness of breath and wheezing.

The oxygen flow starts reducing over time resulting in weight loss, tiredness, anemia, dry hacking cough, etc.

The oxygen flow is eventually reduced over time resulting in weight loss, tiredness, anemia, dry hacking cough, etc.

"The correct art of breathing is through the diaphragm, abdominal breathing or belly breathing"

Causes of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

There is no specific cause for the origin of Pulmonary Fibrosis, but some of them are listed below:

  1. Exposure to certain allergies in the atmosphere like mold and animal hair
  2. Reaction to a certain drug
  3. Exposure to Dust, metal, wood, asbestos, and chemicals
  4. Inhaling Radon gas while cooking in the kitchen
  5. A sedentary and indoor lifestyle
  6. Lack of aerobic exercise
  7. Smoking and inhaling pollutants
  8. Unhygienic eating habits - Frequently eating at roadside outlets and streetcorners. This is often overlooked but can be a possible reason. The pollutants settle on the food items and consuming it can be dangerous for your health, including the lungs

Symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

Some symptoms develop quickly and some at a later stage. It depends on the immunity and health of the person. But over the course of time, it displays the following symptoms:

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Wheezing
  3. Tiredness
  4. Dry, cracking cough
  5. Shallow breathing
  6. Unexplained weight loss
  7. Aching joints
  8. Clubbing (widening of toes and fingers)

Stages of Pulmonary Fibrosis:

The 4 stages of pulmonary fibrosis are Mild, moderate, severe, and very severe. A patient's disease growth stage is measured by their lung capacity and the intensity of their symptoms.

It is better to get treated during the mild to moderate stages of the ailment, further which it can be life-threatening.

5 Alternate Ways to Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis:

Although there is no magical cure for IPF, some treatments do reduce the symptoms to a large extent. New therapies are in pipeline, the chief being immuno-suppressants.

Severe lung stress may need a transplant. But there is hope in the form of alternate therapies. Below listed pointers will fix your pulmonary stress to a great extent.

  • Enroll for laughter and sound therapy: Although this may look weird a solution, the benefits far outweigh its simplicity. Laughter and sound therapy release the stress from the lungs, by exhaling stale air and getting in oxygen.

Ancient seers knew the benefit of sound on the body and gifted us the eternal sound 'OM'.

Laughter and sound therapy clears the alveoli and expands it to maintain free airflow into the lungs.

  • Increase lung capacity: An old truth states that, 'Inner strength lies in the lungs'. So taking this as a cue, we need to expand the lung capacity by inhaling large air volumes.

Practice meditation systems of Pranayama, Kapalbhati, Forced coughing, Quick Inhalation - Exhalation, etc. Apples are also good for increasing lung capacity and to keep it healthy.

Time tested ayurvedic technique of Ujjayi Pranayama is very helpful to cure lung disease. Naturopathy also helps to deal with lung issues to a great extent.

Wellness retreats also conduct residential courses to treat lung problems, which help in easing the symptoms.

Brisk walking outdoors and on treadmills also help to maintain lung health. All the above-mentioned tips increase lung capacity to a large extent.

  • Using an air humidifier in the kitchen: Humidifiers increase air moisture and prevent dryness in the mouth, lips, skin, and throat. It prevents irritation in many parts of the body and keeps some symptoms of cough and cold at bay.

Radon Gas is often neglected and less thought of when discussing lung health, but exposing yourself to it over long periods can prove very harmful.

  • Bhasma or Metal powders: Bhasmas are a mixture of metal, herbs, minerals, gemstones in measured proportions. These formulations are more effective than normal Ayurvedic medicines in providing long-lasting relief for various lung conditions.

They are available in major ayurvedic stores. Charak Samhita, the famous Ayurvedic treatise mentions this treatment in greater detail.

  • Swimming: A form of aerobic exercise, swimming is beneficial for lung health. Swimming demands to hold your breath underwater for a longer period, which increases the lung capacity.

Natural ways to treat Pulmonary Fibrosis:

Some natural remedies to treat Pulmonary Fibrosis:

  1. Consume Cod Liver Oil
  2. Bathing in sun rays
  3. Intake of citrus fruits and leafy vegetables
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Mix a pinch of baking soda in water and consume it
  6. Consume more alkaline foods

Final Thoughts:

Pulmonary Fibrosis is a progressive lung disease that deteriorates your lung health and weakens it over time. The way to determine your lung health is through a rapid Blood Test. Checking Eosinophil count in the blood can reveal whether your lungs are in good health. High count states something is wrong, whereas lower count signals less resistance power.

The only way to counter IPF is by relieving the symptoms.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Danny


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