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5 Ways Instagram Is Destroying Your Mental Health

Updated on May 10, 2017
  1. Unfollowing is easy and instant – Unfollowing is very simple to achieve on Instagram and when one of your followers decide to toss you to the curb and unfollows you, you begin to wonder whether you’ve gone wrong somewhere or if you became boring. Being unfollowed can bring feelings of abandonment and loneliness. Not to mention if it’s one of your peers who unfollowed you, it could lead to future awkward meetings where there will always be that tension lingering in the air.
  2. Jealousy is your new best friend – All social network users have had the ‘jealous best friend’ hanging over their shoulder whenever they scroll through Facebook or Instagram or any other social networking platform. They constantly compare themselves to others on the site even though they try not to, it inevitably happens. This jealousy factor increases depending on what kind of content is displayed on one’s Instagram feed. If a user follows many celebrities there is a higher chance for them to fall victim to becoming jealous of that celebrity’s lifestyle or their luxury.
  3. It’s addictive – Instagram is at the tap of the screen, with this app being so accessible many users can be hooked on it in no time. Most people absent-mindedly scroll through Instagram when they’re bored and often lose track of time on a constant when on this app. A mixture of addiction along with causing depression and self-loathing and you have a dangerous social app at your fingertips.
  4. Getting followers is hard work – Getting a follow back can be difficult nowadays on Instagram, the word ‘follower’ can cause people to get quite egotistical and that’s normally the reason for getting no followers back. And this results in an insignificant number of followers and likes on your post which leaves you questioning yourself constantly. It also makes you feel worthless believing the reason behind your lack of followers is poor quality being reflected in your posts.
  5. It’s completely full of fakes – Many people who do use Instagram are living an unrealistic lifestyle through the app. Instagram is chalked full of fake smiles and filtered content, it’s often hard to tell the real from the fake on this app at times. It’s quite funny how people use Instagram to hide behind an imposter of a profile, pretending to be happy and satisfied with their lives when in reality they are just as miserable as the rest of people on this planet.

In conclusion Instagram is an addictive app which in the wrong hands can ruining that life and cause unwanted stress and despair. It’s time to take a break from living in that distorted world of reality and start living in the world around us. We need to stop seeking validation from others and just live and love ourselves.

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