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5 Ways for a Gym-O-Phobic to Get in Shape

Updated on January 2, 2014

No Gym Required

I almost signed up for a gym. I have one so close to me I could walk to it (and honestly if I walk to it, it defeats the purpose doesn't it?). I waited and stalked their Facebook page for the next offer. It's the beginning of a new year and surely they'd have some type of deal. I saw the offer come through and I quickly clicked to redeem it.

I had the coupon. All that was left to do, was to walk over to the gym and give them my credit card. Here is my confession. I drive past the gym and through the parking lot and see all the people in the gym working out. Those people are already in shape, and already know how to use the machines. I not in shape. I don't know how to use the machines. Besides, it's late and I'm tired. Maybe I'll redeem it the next day. But then I find out the next day the offer is over. Dang, another missed opportunity.

Or is it a missed opportunity? My fear of working out in a gym surrounded by other people has shown me ways to work on fitness outside of a gym.

A beautiful morning hiking Beacon Rock near Skamania, Washington.
A beautiful morning hiking Beacon Rock near Skamania, Washington.

1) Take a Hike

Really, take a hike! I started with Beacon Rock. The reason I picked this hike is because I'd failed to reach the top years before. I sat on a ledge on the rock and watched others hike by. Not this time. I made up my mind I was going to hike it. It was challenging and at times I thought I was going to die (it is a 680 elevation gain and has switchbacks like you wouldn't believe as you twist your way up the rock.) But, by stopping when needed and picking a good pace I made it.

Hiking is a great activity to get outside and get moving. The only thing I recommend is try not to go along with young kids who like to run (they will push you to fast and you might feel like you're possibly going to die).

If you don't have something as challenging as Beacon Rock, that is okay. Find something in your background that gets you outside and moving. It is the first step.

Get Moving

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2) Stand Up Paddleboarding

Have you tried this? It isn't easy. Trust me, I fell in twice the first time I tried it. But it is an amazing workout for the core. You're on the water so it seems so much more fun!

Other types of workouts for a water baby could be kayaking, swimming, and you can even combine Stand Up Paddleboarding with Yoga for Yoga SUP. If you try that I just want to say good luck staying dry!

Top 5 Gym-o-phobic Workouts

1) Hiking

2) Stand Up Paddleboarding

3) Home Gym

4) Wii

5) Workout Apps

3) Home Gym

Can you get a piece of exercise equipment for your house? I just went this route and added a Stationary Bike to my Spare bedroom. To me this is the perfect solution. There is no travel time. No time for excuses. It is just get out of bed and work out. Very easy!

4) The Wii

Video games have come along way baby. I enjoy some of the Wii workouts that I can do from the comfort of my home. I especially enjoy the Zumba and dance workouts, and know a few other people who call those their favorites too! Word of caution, beware of Wii injuries. I once twisted my knee trying to outdo someone on the Super Hula Hoop. I was out of commission and to make matters worse, it is hard to admit you have a Wii-Knee Injury. Take my word for it and be careful, okay?

5) Workout Apps

C25K, yoga moves, run from zombies. Those are just a few of the apps you can add to your phone. They are just another great option to stay out of the gym but still keep moving!

All in all, a gym phobia is not fun. I'm not proud of the fact that if I pull into a gym and the parking lot is crowded I pull out and straight to Taco Bell. It's just how it is. If you are like me and have a Gym Phobia try these activities to stay out of, the germ, um well...Taco Bell.

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