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5 Ways to Diminish Stress

Updated on August 31, 2014

#1 Meditation

First and foremost: Meditation- the act of healing the mind, body, and spirit through active persistent focus on either a specific single subject or simply the moment of which you are; would be my definition but I believe meditation has many uses other than that of just healing. I could write a whole separate article (or a few) on just meditation itself, but this time I will contain it to just a paragraph for this article's sake. For me, meditation has single handedly changed my life for the better by relieving stress, centering my mind, lifting my spirit, improving my focus, and finding my true self. Now, there are many different ways to meditate but the best way is your way. My stress relieving meditation technique is to sit cross legged, back straight, hands clasped together in my lap, while first focusing entirely on my breathing. Making sure to breath fully from top to bottom, picture each exhale as stress or negative energy being released from your body and each inhale as positive or happy energy being siphoned into your body. Try it yourself even if it's for a short period of time, I promise you will feel at least a little better.


#2 Productive Activities

Productive activities can be anything from washing your dog to balancing your checkbook. Productivity is doing something that benefits something else whether it be you or a friend, your house or the environment. One of my personal favorites to do is exercising, it's a great way to physically work off some stress as well as a few pounds. When you get home from a long dreadful day the last thing you think about is doing something productive. When your in the act of it you may hate yourself for it but I promise afterwards you will feel a whole lot better knowing you got something done that you needed or wanted to be. Plus, when you finally do end up relaxing it will be that much sweeter.


#3 Talk It Out

Find a good trustworthy friend and simply talk it out or "vent". Venting truly is an excellent way to get that monkey off your back, a way to work through the complications of day to day life and most of all, a way to get some advice from a trustworthy friend. It's one thing to think about your problems and stresses silently in your head but every once in awhile you need to release those thoughts upon the world. You never know, you just might find someone with the same problems and connect with them but be sure to not overwhelm them either.


#4 Pampering/Fun

When the going gets tough, the tough go get pampered. That's how it goes right?? No? oh well, it's still a thing that you need to do. There is not much better than treating someone or yourself to a nice outing on the days you particularly do not feel yourself. There is an adventure out there waiting for you to participate in. So why are you sitting there on your couch or computer chair, pulling hair, when you should be out creating a story to share. Take a step back from the bull and grab fun by the horns, we all only have so long to live this balancing act called: Life; might as well make some fond memories to lift your spirit on the darker days.


#5 Pray

Last but not least, praying. Pray when you are happy, pray when your sad, pray when you are mad, and pray when your glad. Pray, pray, pray. Pray about all of your blessings that you receive every single day. Pray about the questions that you have no answers for. Pray for all the people that desperately need your prayers. Prayer is the most powerful act that you can commit because it is through God and through God all things were made. So if you want to make your bad day good, let the Heavenly Father make it so through prayer.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it will be given to you seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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