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5 Ways to Find a Yoga Teaching Job

Updated on August 22, 2016
Photo Credit: Flickr via PhotoPin CC
Photo Credit: Flickr via PhotoPin CC

I want to tell you a secret. I’ve been offered numerous yoga teaching jobs, and I've never had to prove that I'm certified (yet).

Oh, and there's more! I’ve never had to show my resume. I’ve only auditioned at two out of six places I have worked for.

You might be wondering how I was able to get yoga teaching jobs, at studios and gyms, after only two years of teaching. Here’s the answer: I got out there. I did not stay at home after yoga teacher training and hope for the best. I got out there! And I’m going to share exactly what it means to get out there.

1. Take Classes at the Studio of Interest

If you like a studio, and want to work there, take classes! By taking classes you begin to get familiar the studio’s culture, expectations, and teaching style. More importantly, the front desk, students, teachers, and studio director will become familiar with you, which can be helpful when a teaching opportunity presents itself.

2. Take Classes From Your Favorite Teacher

By attending his or her classes, you and the teacher are bonding. With this bond the teacher often takes you under his or her wing and provides guidance that helps you grow as a teacher and student.

Your favorite teacher is also a strong bridge between you and the studio. His or her influence could easily lead to a teaching opportunity.

Finally, your favorite teacher could also introduce you to his or her fellow teachers, which expands your network. In turn, those teachers could also present you with teaching opportunities.

3. Assist Classes & Workshops

Don’t be shy about this one. Many teachers would love to have a fellow teacher assist their class. Assisting, like taking classes, is another way to show commitment to the studio. Furthermore, you begin to interact with the students in the room in a teaching capacity.

4. Take Workshops & Trainings

Workshops and trainings are great for networking. What’s great about both environments is the opportunity to interact with those that share your interests and possibly your values. You can easily meet a peer that could refer you for an opportunity or meet a potential client.

5. Just Ask!

Yes, it is that easy. Ask! Ask the person at the front desk. Ask the karma yogi. Ask a teacher. Ask another teacher. Ask the studio manager. Ask the yogi that practiced next to you. Put the intent out there. And while you are interacting with the person you are asking, someone else might be watching or listening, which could also lead you to an opportunity to teach.


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