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5 Ways to Stay Safe on Ecstasy. Ecstasy Harm Reduction Techniques.

Updated on November 28, 2008

The harm reduction perspective for this article is – if you intend on continuing to use ecstasy, then you would be better off taking steps to minimize any potential damage to your body, and to society at large.

Easy steps to minimize the risks and dangers of ecstasy

1. If you want to take ecstasy – make sure what you take is ecstasy (and not something pretending to be MDMA!)

One of the greatest dangers associated with the use of ecstasy comes from adulterated tablets - Tablets that are claimed to be pure MDMA, but are in fact a mixture of other chemicals (Likely amphetamine like drugs).

Obviously, the risks of adverse drug reactions go up exponentially when you consume unknown chemicals, particularly as some common chemicals used as substitutes for legitimate MDMA are not particularly safe to mix with MDMA – greatly increasing the dangers for a person who might consume a second dose of real MDMA later on that night.

If you decide to use ecstasy, then you should ensure that what you ingest is in fact ecstasy. There are home testing kits available that will confirm the purity of your tabs.

2. Don't get dehydrated

Remember that ecstasy has been associated with several dehydration related fatalities, and also remember that MDMA plays havoc with your temperature regulation and sense of thirst.

If you're sweating and dancing, try to drink about 1 liter of water over every 2 hours.

3. Don’t mix MDMA with other drugs

Remember that over the counter drugs can interact adversely with ecstasy, and as such taking ecstasy concurrently with any other medication or illicit drug increasdes the risk of negative side effects, (or a less fun high).

4. Don’t go crazy

Ecstasy addiction is a questionable phenomenon – but there are certainly people who take the drug immoderately. Excessive MDMA use is associated with side effects such as insomnia, memory deficits and depression. If you choose to take the drug, use it only occasionally, and for special occasions. Regular use is a recipe for disaster.

5. Listen to your body

Don't use the drug if you are unwell or feeling very tired. Although ecstasy might cause you to forget your physical problems for a short while, you cannot fool your body, and you are only compounding your difficulties. Also, remember toi east sensibly before taking the drug.

Have fun, but stay safe.

As a final note, I should mention that if you asked my advice (which you probably didn’t) I would suggest that you avoid this drug entirely. Drugs are a lot of fun for a while, but in my experience, they aren't worth the trouble and potential heartache (not mention legal pain and health problems.)


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    • profile image

      candy 5 years ago

      Do not take stuwie blue football ecstasy pill(stewie

      is the character off of family guy)

      it makes your heart rate sky high it can change message instead of means

    • profile image

      jingz 7 years ago

      Another note, a lot of people die or get hospitalized from drinking TOO MUCH water :)