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5 Ways to beat the Monday Blues

Updated on April 27, 2016

Let’s face it, there is nothing more dreaded and hated than a Monday morning. Most of us spend Sunday anticipating it, pack extra snacks to fortify ourselves through the first half of the day and maybe even going to bed as late as possible trying to fool ourselves into thinking that tomorrow is not on the horizon. Once the week has actually got off to a start, things are automatically better. So exactly what is it about a Monday that has us so resistant and against the idea of facing the day?

Well, have you ever considered that reason for this is not necessarily related to your job or the workload that you have on your table, but rather that your attitude and strategy that might need adjustment.

If you find that you are not ready for human interaction before a morning cup of coffee and that the thought of Monday makes you want to shrivel up and die, here are a few strategies that will help you ease into your week with a bit more dignity and cheer.

1. Get a good sleep on Sunday evening

As boring and old-school as it may sound, there comes a time on Sunday evening, where it simply is time to go to bed and rest your weary head for the week ahead. Too often we cave in to the idea of Sunday syndrome. We stimulate and wind ourselves up, just so that we block out the idea of an impending Monday morning and take the last possible moment to go to bed. Even if we do go to bed earlier we find ourselves attached to our mobile, tablet and all other types of electronic devices and unable to completely shut down and get a rest. Take the time to retreat to a bedroom that’s electronics-free and preferably darkened and quiet. Take advantage of your body’s circadian rhythms and use it to help you get well rested and fortified.

2. Fill up your Sunday with good cheer

If your Sunday is filled with good things, fantastic activities and cheer from the onset, there will be less fear and resistance around heading in to work on Monday morning. When you’re planning your week and weekend be sure to leave one bit of excitement for a Sunday. Go see your friends, eat out at a new restaurant or even take the time to visit an art gallery or go to a new movie. Ending of your weekend on a good note will help you to carry the energy with you into the new week and give you strong momentum to rely on.

3. Plan a mid-week activity

Break up the week. Sometimes you simply have to segment your time in order for it to not seem so big and overwhelming. When you have something to look forward to you can always breathe easier and send your energy in a number of different directions instead of being so focused on dreading one day. Plan a coffee or dinner date with a buddy. Agree to do something that doesn’t require you to vent about the week, work or problems but actually have fun instead. Spending time with a friend, doing something that you love, will help you raise your endorphins and feel-good hormones in the body and give you the extra charge that you need to take you further.

4. Start your Monday with a workout

If you feel that your physical and spiritual energy around Sunday evening and a Monday morning feels as sluggish as molasses, then perhaps it is time to get that heart rate up, break a sweat and enjoy a burst of energy to get you through your day. Get into the gym or get outdoors, take time to exercise indoors to your latest music video. Whichever type of exercise gets your heartrate up and gives you a boost of vitality, choose it and do it, make no mistake, you will feel better about your day. Exercise gives your mood a boost, raises endorphin and serotonin levels and places you in a good mental space for the day ahead.

Pilates bands for exercise

Think Big

No matter what happens in your daily life, Monday morning and the week ahead, you must always know that there is a bigger picture to everything and every situation. Begin by realising that you need not take the events of your life as personal attacks, but rather opportunities for you to question and grow. Have a personal interest or career goal that is bigger than your day job. Besides doing a decent day’s work and earning a monthly salary, you need to get about the business of being you. Use your talents and abilities, nurture your efforts, take up extra-mural classes, do whatever it takes to get you off the hamster wheel and onto the engine of greatness.

Additional resources to keep you going on a Monday

Songs to add to your playlist

Sometimes all you need to do in order to change your attitude toward something is change your energy toward it. One of the best ways in which you can implement an energy change is to examine what you have been listening to and find new triggers in the shape of music. Here are some songs that are lyrically rich and filled with a get up and go vibe that will give you the oomph that you’ve been looking for.

Tears for Fears- Shout

David Guetta- Titanium ft.Sia

Billy Ocean- When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Books to read

Fill your mind with the right kind of inspirational material. Choose books, audiobooks, tapes, Kindlebooks whatever you feel is necessary and works in your life, and take powerful reading material with you, wherever you go. Change your influences according to your needs. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

We lose so much of our lives labouring on about the past and stressing about the future that we end up giving our power away. Much of our minds not being present on a Monday morning comes down to us not wanting to be present to the lives that we have created for ourselves. Best-selling author Eckhart Tolle, helps us to take a look at our lives and revel in the power that we have in choosing to find joy in exactly where we are.

If you are looking to raise your game around the psychology of money, Rich Dad, Poor Dad will help you get there. Learn more about how to change your mind set from one of negativity to one of abundance and allowing instead. Robert Kiyosaki will show you how.

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The next time you feel as if there isn’t a way forward for you, or if you feel that dreaded sense of Monday resistance, try some of these tips to help you elevate yourself from a feeling of despair to a feeling of take-charge greatness.


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