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5 Ways to Offset a Big Night out Whilst on a Diet

Updated on January 17, 2018

A wedding, a girly catch-up, a holiday, a leaving-do... anything associated with Christmas. There seems to be a hurdle every week or sometimes more to the dieter who wants to stick to the program. Don't let those hurdle become brick walls. Here are some hints to overcome the stumbling block.

1. Plan ahead

Eat healthy all week knowing you're going to allow yourself extra during your Big Night Out (BNO). This can be easier than you think - keep yourself motivated by reminding yourself how much of a good time you will have. Plan to be good for a few days after the event too if necessary, but a cost pre-paid always feels better than a debt to pay!

3. Mitigate the bad with healthy extras

There are things you can do on the day of the event to offset the bad. Take some exercise prior or plan to dance the night away to burn the extra calories you've eaten. More dancing means less drinking! Events that don't include dancing can still include some healthy movement - take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift. Walking a long distance? Give yourself something to carry!

2. Reduce the bad

At a wedding or a restaurant find out what the meal is beforehand and figure out if you can eat guilt free, if you can leave some parts uneaten, or if you could fill up on healthier foods before arriving so that you can leave parts of the meal out.

Drink less - drink spirits and diet mixers, or dilute wine to a spritzer with diet tonic or diet lemonade, or alternate between a drink and a tall cool water.

If you're eating at a friends ask your friend to help you by serving you a healthier version of what everyone else is eating. Your friend may even change the entire meal to be healthier!

If you're going to an event where snacking is the norm, then pack your own yummy healthy snacks.

4. Be honest with yourself

Know yourself enough to plan ahead properly and after the event be honest with yourself about what you ate and drank - keep a food diary and write every single part down. It acts as part confessional and part motivation for the next few days to cut down to offset.

When organising your food diary, try to keep good healthy foods on one side and less healthy treats on the other side - you can see at a glance whether you've had a healthy day. It's also a good idea to track any exercise or movement you've done, no matter how small.

5. Drop the guilt

Don't let a 'bad' day stop you in your weight loss tracks. Don't let a bad weekend, week, month or even more stop you. Drop the guilt, accept nights out and 'bad' days as part of the journey and continue. A lovely holiday can mean you come home with several extra pounds, but it will only take a few weeks to remove those. You'll remember that holiday for much longer - was it worth it? Yes, but keep going!

There couldn't be anything worse than having an unhealthy night out and not actually enjoying it because you're already feeling the guilt.

To often we are hard on ourselves whether we're dieting or not. Stop that inner voice from berating and turn it to encouraging.


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