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5 Ways with Scan Bran

Updated on January 17, 2018

Slimming World advocates 'Scan Bran' and the Dukan diet advocates Oat Bran. Both are high fibre, filling carbs which make you feel fuller for longer and give you much needed fibre to clean your system and keep you healthy. Both can be rather tasteless, scan bran in particular has an odd 'cardboard' flavour - like Ryveta but aerated! Here are 5 ways you can modify your scan bran to incorporate it into your diet.

1. Load up the toppings

The simplest way to eat your Scan Brans is by loading them up just like you would for toast or Ryveta. The difference is that you want to add either something creamy tasting, like quark or cream cheese; or that will soften the Scan Bran slightly like sliced tomato. I add the sliced tomato on the bottom layer so that the juices will soak in.

2. Crumble for texture

Crushing the Scan Brans opens up a whole new possibility. Coat your scotch eggs or your goujons in the crumbs rather than breadcrumbs; add to your yoghurt or your fruit, bake fruit with the Scan Bran crumbs as your 'crumble' layer, add to salads for some crunch. Crumbling is where we really start to be able to use the Scan Brans diversely.

3. Overnight... scan bran

Place your scan bran (broken into chunks) into a jar. Add fruit of your choice, flavouring of your choice (sweetener, cinnamon, orange/lemon zest etc) and liquid (milk, almond milk, rice milk, water etc). Make sure the liquid covers the scan bran. Leave overnight and tuck into the mix in the morning. The result may not look pretty, but it tastes wonderful. It's a great alternative to overnight oats if you've tried those before.

A further tip: Use frozen fruits. They defrost overnight and taste wonderful. If you have fruit that you haven't been able to use it's worth chopping it up and sticking it in the freezer for this purpose.

4. Scan Bran Cake

Here's just one recipe:

Splash of boiling water, 5 Scan Bran, 2 Eggs, beaten, 1 Toffee Mullerlight yogurt, 3tbsp SYN free granulated sweetener, 1tsp Ground cinnamon, 1/4tsp Baking Powder

Soak Scan Bran in the water until soft. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Place into a microwaveable dish (such as a silicone cake tin). Microwave on full power for 7mins.

5 SYNS for the WHOLE cake, or free if using Scan Bran as a Healthy Extra B.

5. Try it mushed

I discovered this whilst making the Scan Bran cake... Try adding a little boiling water to your scan bran and add until mushed. Then stir in some sweetener (non-aspartame based unless you want to feel hungry later!). The result is not attractive, but I think its incredibly tasty - its a little like bran flakes that have been warmed up in the microwave!

So do you have any other tips on how to incorporate Scan Bran into your diet? Please leave them in comments and we can all learn too!


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    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 22 months ago from Glasgow

      I have never tried the scan bran myself, but when I see how diverse it is, I am tempted to give it a go! I've pinned this for use later, Thanks for sharing.